Kofax Mobile Bill Pay

Empower customers to easily and effectively capture bills and add payees to your automatic bill pay system

Kofax Mobile Bill Pay

The smartphone is now the preferred channel of engagement for your banking customers, and they expect their banking app to provide a fast, frictionless, and delightful experience. Paying a bill should be easy. Just snap a picture of the bill to create a payment transaction in real-time, then add the payee to an approved list of billers―with just one click.

Kofax Mobile Bill Pay™ automates the error-prone, manual process of entering payee data into fields and removes friction from enrolling payees into an automated bill pay system. This innovative solution improves customer service and satisfaction, plus, it closely ties your customers to your digital banking solutions, which significantly reduces the likelihood of your customers switching banks.

Mobile Bill Pay also supports a credit card balance transfer use case, as it extracts relevant data from credit card statements. This helps you grow your business by enrolling new customers and offering existing customers a new product.

In addition to Mobile Bill Pay, Kofax offers an integrated suite of pre-built mobile solutions that digitize onboarding, check capture, and payments. Now you can acquire new customers faster and delight your existing customers, all with an integrated digital platform.

Increase Customer Intimacy

Customers who utilize automatic bill pay are less likely to switch institutions, resulting in less churn and increased revenue.

Engage Customers Quickly and Automatically

Improve response time to customers by getting results back to them in near real-time; develop brand loyalty and confidence from customers, now that they’re engaged.

Extend to New Processes

Simplify and accelerate information-intensive processes such as mobile deposit, new account openings, driver license extraction and more.

Ensure Accurate Capture of Bills

Patented image processing and data-matching technology ensures the accurate capture of bills, resulting in a better customer experience.

Reduce Costs and Resources

Data is extracted automatically, eliminating the need for back office resources that would be tasked with manual data entry to get the required data.

Leverage Better Data Quality

Documents are captured correctly the first time with the fastest, most complete and most accurate solution available.