Kofax Analytics for Mobile

Get deeper insights and make better business decisions


Kofax Analytics for Mobile™ provides the insight required to analyze the effectiveness of your mobile solutions. These pre-built, interactive dashboards are built on Kofax Insight™, an enterprise-class analytics platform that gives users the ability to quickly drill down and gain clear and immediate insight into the details of their mobile deployments. Kofax Analytics for Mobile delivers the intelligence you need to enhance and optimize mobile deployments, which leads to increased adoption and use of your mobile app.

These optimized, purpose-built dashboards save enterprises the time and effort of developing them on their own. Kofax Analytics for Mobile provides views of key performance metrics via informative graphs and actionable buttons. These custom dashboards also include one-touch drill down functionality, providing quick and easy access to more detailed information.

Kofax Analytics for Mobile is available for the Kofax Mobile SDK™, Mobile ID™, Mobile Deposit Capture™, Mobile Credit and Debit Card, and Mobile Bill Pay™ solutions. These powerful dashboards can provide answers to the following questions:

  • How many IDs did we process as part of our mobile customer onboarding solution this week? What is the trend over the last three months?
  • How many bills did we process last quarter? Is the trend increasing or decreasing? What is the average amount of the bills paid?
  • Is Mobile Deposit Capture use trending up or down compared to last quarter? Is the percentage of rejected checks trending up or down compared to the last software update?
  • What percentage of customers have upgraded to the latest version of iOS or Android?
  • Has the latest product release improved capture performance on both iOS and Android?
  • How many Samsung Galaxy S3 users do we have?

Kofax Analytics for Mobile is compatible with both new and existing Kofax Mobile Capture deployments.


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