Kofax Mobile Capture SDK

Turn smartphones and tablets into advanced information-capture devices

Kofax Mobile Capture SDK

Customers of all ages and demographics are “mobile first,” meaning the mobile device is their preferred and oftentimes primary channel of engagement. The Kofax Mobile Capture SDK™ powers the document capture module of mobile apps to ensure document capture and data extraction work correctly the first time, every time, providing your customers with the frictionless mobile capture experience they expect. The Kofax Mobile SDK controls lighting conditions, camera focus, provides guidance instructions, and auto-captures the document. After the document is captured, patented Virtual ReScan (VRS) image-perfection technology cleans up, de-skews, and reduces the image size. VRS optimizes the image for both data extraction and network transmission, resulting in a near real-time experience.

Innovative On-Device OCR* capabilities take real-time customer engagement to the next level. On-device data extraction eliminates both network and server latency, and provides customers with a real-time experience.

The flexible mobile platform includes pre-built solutions that support use cases such as frictionless onboarding by extracting data from IDs, depositing checks, enrolling customers for bill payments, and extracting information from payment cards to fund a new account or pay for goods or services. This platform also extends support to an unlimited number of use cases via a powerful toolset that allows enterprises to develop their own custom data extraction projects and retain their IP.

Measuring and analyzing the performance of mobile capture solutions is critical, which is why our team of mobile and analytics experts developed Kofax Analytics for Mobile®: pre-built, interactive dashboards developed on top of Kofax Insight, a powerful enterprise class analytics tool. These visual, interactive dashboards provide enterprises with the data and drill-down options to track and analyze the effectiveness of their mobile capture solutions.

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*On-device OCR currently supports US driver licenses and state IDs via the Kofax Mobile ID framework.

Advanced Image Processing

Capture and perfect any document, regardless of size or dimension, for better customer engagement.

Extend to New Processes

Simplify and accelerate information-intensive processes--such as customer onboarding, new account openings, claims and bill pay--by enabling your apps with advanced information-capture technology. Strengthen chain of custody, optimize document quality, and virtually eliminate lost documents with scan-to-archive technology.

Gain Complete Control

Leverage patented image perfection technology, running natively on the device, to gain total control over the capture of documents and images.

Get Full Visibility

Optimize the customer experience and enable right-channeling capabilities with advanced analytics.

Better Engage Customers, in Real-Time

Support multiple points of customer engagement and deliver more services via your customers’ preferred channel.

Ensure the Best Images Are Captured from Customers

Data is accurately extracted and understood with patented Kofax technology, ensuring the highest image quality is captured from customers.