Kofax Mobile Capture Platform: Benefits

Improve the customer experience with dynamic, real-time mobile engagement

Real-time Customer Engagement

Gain customer satisfaction with communication that is transactional, not just informational. Empower the customer with simple, secure, real-time engagement. Support multiple points of customer engagement and deliver more services via your customers’ preferred channel.

Actionable Insights

Advanced mobile analytics provide organizations with actionable insights into accuracy and performance of their users, devices and documents. With that information, usability and improvements can be implemented to optimize the customer experience and enable right-channeling capabilities.

Control Every Step in the Process

The open and single Kofax platform—equipped with advanced customization and configurable tools—gives organizations the control to meet customer demands in a rapidly changing environment. Leverage the platform to control image processing, data classification and extraction, validation, business rules, exception handling and more.

Save Resources with Self-Service

The concept of simply providing information via mobile apps has been replaced by real-time, back-and-forth engagement. Enable the customer to self-serve and complete their engagement (e.g., a couple of taps and a photo). Empower customers with image-enabling for mobile apps, resulting in a win-win interaction and experience.

Reduce Time to Market by Extending to New Use Cases

Build and deploy customer engagement solutions such as bill pay, remote deposit, customer onboarding, mortgage origination and new account openings—all from the same platform. Companies can even repurpose these applications into their own intellectual property (e.g., account transfer, balance transfer). This reduces time to market, improves process performance and captures better data.

Eliminate Manual Entry, Increase Satisfaction

Simplify and accelerate transactions with automatic entry of data within documents, reducing the need for costly manual reviews and validation and improving customer service and satisfaction.

Ensure the Best Images Are Captured from Customers

Organizations can’t control the photo conditions or skill of the user when they are photographing documents; however, with Kofax image perfection technology, data is accurately extracted and understood.

Improved Process Performance

Kofax technology dynamically orchestrates the user’s mobile experience from a single platform, resulting in enhanced performance and the capture of better-quality data.