Kofax Mobile Capture Platform

Improve the customer experience with dynamic, real-time mobile engagement

Kofax Mobile Capture

Many businesses now employ Digital Transformation initiatives to drive major process improvements, enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, and create new business models. Most customers are “mobile first”, meaning their mobile phone is their primary channel of interaction, so naturally mobile is at the forefront of every Digital Transformation initiative.

The Kofax Mobile CaptureTM Platform plays an integral role in digital transformation because it’s the means by which you can connect with your customers, achieve heightened levels of collaboration, and win their loyalty. For example, patented information capture and image processing technology running on the device automatically extracts and validates information from photos and videos taken from a smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for users to manually enter information. The proven, open platform can support virtually any capture application — and advanced analytics provide full visibility to enhance the user experience. This significantly improves an organization’s ability to deliver a wide spectrum of powerful, interactive mobile capture apps—with better data and at lower costs.

The Kofax Mobile Capture Platform helps your customers perform a wide range of tasks from their mobile phone:

  • Open a new account by snapping a picture of a driver license to prefill a form
  • Pay bills and add new payees to their bill pay service by hovering the phone over a bill or payment coupon
  • Pay for goods and services by capturing data from a credit or debit card
  • Deposit a check
  • Capture information from a bill or declarations page for a competitive quote
  • Transfer a credit card balance by capturing information from their credit card statement
  • Submit images of financial documents for a mortgage or a HELOC

Patented image processing and powerful data extraction technologies:

  • Automatically capture, extract, and validate information from business documents
  • Eliminate the need to enter information manually
  • Provide your customers with a fast, frictionless, and delightful experience

Extract information in real time

The Kofax Capture Mobile SDK™ captures and delivers optimized images to pre-built solutions, or Frameworks, that extract information in real-time from identity documents, bills, payment cards, and checks. These flexible solutions help get you to market faster, and can be modified and extended easily based on your specific needs.

Now your customers can self-service on their own schedule, and through their preferred channel, the mobile device. And, you can use advanced analytics to access the intelligence you need to enhance and optimize mobile deployments. The result is increased adoption and use of your mobile app—with better data and at lower costs—for improved customer engagement.

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Better Engage Customers, in Real-Time

Support multiple points of customer engagement and deliver more services via your customers’ preferred channel.

Solve Issues at Any Step in the Process

Leverage a single platform to control image processing, data classification and extraction, validation, business rules, exception handling and more.

Gain Full Visibility

Optimize the customer experience and enable right-channeling capabilities with advanced analytics.

Promote Self-Service

Empower customers with the ability to interact with your businesses systems by adding powerful data extraction and interactive validation into your mobile apps.

Extend to New Processes

Leverage the proven and open platform to build and deploy customer engagement solutions such as bill pay, remote deposit, customer onboarding, mortgage origination and new account openings—all from the same platform.

Eliminate Manual Entry

Simplify transactions, speed processes and increase accuracy with automatic data entry from captured photos.