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Shot of a businesswoman using her tablet at her desk
White Paper

Explore the Complex Future of eSignatures

Shot of a businesswoman using her tablet at her desk

As businesses continue to operate in a global village and embrace flexible work environments, the need for swift, secure, and reliable approval processes has never been more critical.

Distinguish between eSignatures, unveiling the varying layers of security that are involved – “click to sign” doesn’t mean you are fully compliant!

Want to learn more? “Types of eSignatures – What to Know About These Tools” uncovers the transformative power of eSignatures via:

  • Defining electronic signatures
  • What are digital signatures? How do they compare to eSignatures
  • Are eSignatures legally valid and enforceable?
  • The main types of eSignatures to understand
  • How eSignatures offer a superior solution to traditional signing
  • How can you pick the right solution
  • Introducing Kofax SignDoc
  • An integrated solution for the future of work
  • Mastering electronic signatures

From the historic reliance on "wet ink" signatures to the cutting-edge digital solutions of today, our whitepaper 'Types of eSignatures -- What to Know About These Tools' provides an extensive exploration of this technology, which isn’t as simple as it is often conveyed. Ensure your organization is using the right qualification of eSignature today!

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