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Accelerate High-Value Customer Journeys with Intelligent Automation

The customer experience is a journey. From new account openings to renewals and referrals, every interaction is an opportunity to provide a great experience and create a long-lasting relationship. Kofax Intelligent Automation makes customer engagement easy with a suite of smart technologies that scale and manage end-to-end automation across the enterprise. Learn more at


What is the future of digital banking?

Jim Marous of the Financial Brand, Breana Patel of Bonova Advisory, Mike Quindazzi of PwC and Russ Gould of Kofax describe where the banking industry is, where it's headed and what's needed to meet customer expectations.


What are the top risks banks face?

Breana Patel, Founder and CEO of Bonova Advisory explains the risk to credit losses is one of the greatest risks banks face. Leveraging automation, like robotic process automation, will enable banks to constantly monitor and assess risk.


What are some of the digital transformation trends in banking?

Mike Quindazzi, Managing Director of PwC shares the challenges banks face when undergoing digital transformation.


Top 3 Tips for Banks on the Path to Digital

Jim Marous, Publisher of the Digital Banking Report and The Financial Brand shares how the most innovative banks have broken down the barriers and are digitizing their processes, including customer onboarding.


How RPA helps banks keep compliant

Breana Patel, Founder & CEO of Bonova Advisory describes the compliance processes and leveraging automtion platforms like robotic process automation go beyond simply automating mundane tasks.


What are some of the AI trends in banking?

According to PwC research, 72% of the executives said AI will be a competitive advantage for banking organizations. Mike Quindazzi, Managing Director of PwC and Russ Gould, VP Products and Solutions Marketing at Kofax explain how AI can be leveraged to augment current workforce and improve productivity.


How can we advance AI and the RPA conversation within banking services?

Mike Quindazzi, Managing Director of PwC and Russ Gould, VP Products and Solutions Marketing at Kofax discuss questions businesses face when incorporating new automation platforms like AI and RPA. How do we create a center of excellence? How can we leverage this technology in the back and front office? What processes will have the highest rate of return?


Are You Ready for the Future of Digital Banking?

Watch Jim Marous, a top 5 Fintech influencer and internationally recognized financial industry strategist, as he reveals top considerations for bankers seeking to embrace the latest digital engagement models -- and most importantly, take the necessary risks and "disrupt" themselves.


Three Ways Robotic Process Automation Gives Your Business the Competitive Edge

The future of work is combining robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and your human resources to create a more intelligent workforce. Join Dermot McCauley, Vice President of Platform Product Marketing at Kofax, in this video Q&A with the UK Telegraph's Business Reporter.

64 Results

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