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Unifying Your Approach to Digital Workflow Transformation

The business world today is demanding a new set of organisational skills and competencies. This includes the ability to embrace remote work, be more agile in working with information across regions and cultures and adopt new ways of working that will make a noticeable difference in digital transformation and organisational performance.

But achieving meaningful transformation is difficult to do with a piecemeal approach to solutions and workflow. Too often, disconnected systems and information silos inhibit efficient teamwork and constrain process improvement. Duplicate solutions, multiple vendors, and disconnected strategies drive up costs, increase complexity, and boost the risk of inefficiency.

Kofax and AIIM have partnered to create this eBook that discusses a more holistic approach to digital workflow transformation that focuses on common and essential workflows, driving the performance of the organisation every day. In it, you learn how:

  • An integrated low-code platform and a unified approach is essential to the entire transformation effort
  • Empowering citizen developers drives digital agility, minimises financial investments and eliminate months of waiting for a solution
  • Your organisation can reach new level of connectivity and process agility to quickly adapt and transform and remain competitive

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