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Turkcell Offers Seamless Onboarding with Automation from Kofax.

Turkcell paves the way for fast, secure customer onboarding with a paperless contract application and activation process. Featuring innovative electronic signature capabilities powered by Kofax SignDoc®, the new approach will allow Turkcell to shorten time-to-activation for new contracts, driving a better customer experience, and eliminate the cost and effort of managing paper—boosting operational efficiency.


Marginalen Bank Harnesses Automation to Shrink the Cost of Compliance

Know-your-customer (KYC) controls are crucial for banks to ensure regulatory compliance and minimize risk of fraud, but manual processes can reduce efficiency and raise costs. Marginalen Bank is using Kofax RPA™ to automate due diligence security checks on all loan applicants—saving 16 hours of manual work per day.


A Large Energy Company Powers Game-Changing Improvement in Customer Service with Kofax RPA

A large energy company harnesses Kofax RPA™ to automatically process incoming customer requests – such as moving between providers or changing address. Now, 75% of requests are completed without human invention, saving time for call-center staff and helping them respond to customers within minutes rather than days.


Automotive Financing Firm Steers Smoother Vehicle Financing with Mobile and e-Signature Capabilities

This automotive financing firm makes it quick, easy and secure for customers to apply for car financing using Kofax® SignDoc® e-signature technology. The company has cut the time it takes to complete the application process by 90% and more than doubled the number of contracts processed annually.


Spotcap Revolutionizes Lending with Flexible and Accessible Financing for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Spotcap is shaking up the banking landscape with its proprietary credit platform, which provides short-term loans to small businesses online. Powered by market-leading Kofax Kapow Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software and a unique credit assessment algorithm, Spotcap empowers businesses with tailored finance, allowing them to focus on what really matters – their business.


Ooredoo Embraces Digitization and Cutting-Edge Mobile Technology to Transform the Customer Onboarding Experience

Today, Ooredoo can get customers up-and-running with a new mobile phone subscription in just minutes, and simultaneously cut operating costs and ensure full compliance with strict information-sharing laws.


Safe-Guard Adjudicates Claims 75% Faster with Kofax TotalAgility

Safe-Guard uses Kofax solutions to revolutionize how it manages millions of contracts and thousands of claims, reducing adjudication times by more than 75 percent, boosting productivity by 30 percent and improving customer satisfaction by 15 percent.


Caruana Financeira Reaches More Customers with a New Instantly Embossed Payment Card

By automating document capture and processing with Kofax TotalAgility ®, Caruana Financeira put new credit cards into customers’ hands in as little as 10 minutes, at an estimated 80% lower cost than a traditional, manual approach.


AIA Rolls Out First-In-Market, 100% Paperless Insurance Applications on Tablets

AIA chose Kofax SignDoc to integrate secure biometric e-signature capabilities with its iPoS solution. Today, over 30,000 financial advisors in 11 countries across Asia use iPoS to submit insurance applications.


Large International Consumer Bank Boosts Car Dealer and End Customer Satisfaction with New Mobile App

The bank replaced slow, paper-based processes with a flexible mobile workflow, built with Kofax Mobile Capture. Today, the bank can approve customer credit requests and pay car dealers faster than ever before, boosting satisfaction and keeping the business poised for growth.

20 Results

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