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Semiconductor manufacturer uses Kofax Kapow to perform the work no one actually wants to do

This semiconductor manufacturer uses Kofax Kapow™ to gain up-to-date insight into website content, enabling it to better manage an ever-changing web catalogue of product design and assembly guides. Today, the company can ensure that customers have the accurate information they need to configure and deploy products safely and effectively, all while driving new automation and smart data initiatives.

Health Insurance Innovations brings compliance reporting to glowing health and pockets time savings

To ensure customers understand the insurance they purchase, Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ) relies on verification scripts. By replacing manual processes with Kofax solutions, HIIQ can update scripts in minutes rather than days, simplify compliance reporting, and strengthen relationships with key partners.

Leading Educational Institution Automates Invoice Processing

This educational institution improves its efficiency with improved back office operations, transforming its invoicing process with Kofax ReadSoft Online™. Utilizing automated invoice input and verification capabilities, they cut costs and boosted the accuracy of accounts payable processes—strengthening supplier relationships.

Insurance Provider Boosts Customer Communications, Powers Process Efficiency with Kofax

This insurer has transformed correspondence management into a completely touchless and highly automated process with Kofax® Customer Communications Manager™ – freeing staff to focus delivering stellar customer service and driving profitable growth.

Transportation Provider Moves Delivery Scheduling into the Fast Lane with Kofax Kapow

This transportation provider harnessed Kofax® Kapow™ to cut the time taken to book deliveries from hours to minutes. Today, the company is processing 25% more delivery appointments a week without any increase in headcount—getting more business on the books while maintaining healthy margins.

Automotive Financing Firm Steers Smoother Vehicle Financing with Mobile and e-Signature Capabilities

This automotive financing firm makes it quick, easy and secure for customers to apply for car financing using Kofax® SignDoc® e-signature technology. The company has cut the time it takes to complete the application process by 90% and more than doubled the number of contracts processed annually.

Real Estate Consultancy Profitably Grows Asset Management Business with Invoice Automation

As business boomed, this real estate consultancy firm looked for a way to manage its rising accounts payable workload cost-effectively. By moving to streamlined electronic invoicing, the company has boosted accuracy, increased productivity and cut processing times from days to minutes.

Global Telecommunications Provider Switches to a Faster, More Efficient Approach to Invoicing

This telecommunications provider moves to a fully digital mailroom, and harnessed Kofax Kapow to power fast, accurate electronic invoice processing. The new approach supercharged productivity by up to 400%, helping them pay bills faster and reduce late payment penalties.

Bottling company launches new self-service web portal for quicker, easier supplier invoicing

This bottling company introduced a new supplier portal, built on Kofax software, that empowers suppliers to submit and view invoices themselves. The company has more than doubled AP team productivity, reduced headcount by more than 50 percent, and gives suppliers unprecedented insight into invoicing.

Ventura County Behavioral Health Department Uses Kofax Insight to Provide a More Individualized Approach to Patient Care

The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department uses Kofax Insight to turn mountains of medical and operational data into actionable information—giving management teams a newfound understanding of clients,treatments and care outcomes to help them shape more accessible and impactful healthcare services.

120 Results

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