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Arteris Paves the Way to More Productive and Profitable Operations

Brazil-based highway management company Arteris has started its journey to shared services supported by intelligent business process automation and analytics solutions from Kofax and TR Process. Shared services teams can count on streamlined, digitized processes and rich analytical insight to deliver support for key business services quickly, reliably and efficiently—driving down costs and helping Arteris pave the way to profitable growth.


Safe-Guard Transforms Contract Payments and Claims Processing with Kofax

To increase customer satisfaction and improve the payment process, Safe-Guard aimed to eliminate any sticking-points in the customer journey that could cause contract and claims requests to be delayed. Today, the Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform allows Safe-Guard to automate the contract process and accelerate the end-to-end claims lifecycle, from submission to payment. The solution extracts 86 data points from the 14 claims documents, eliminating the need for assessors to manually review them.


Sonae Transforms Accounts Payable Process with Automation from Kofax

Multinational retail giant Sonae has enhanced the efficiency of its accounts payable function, harnessing automation to deliver 100% paperless and 75% touchless processes. Using Kofax Capture™ and Kofax Transformation™, the company can process approximately three million invoices from 23,000 suppliers quickly and accurately, while saving an estimated €13 million annually.


European Bank Accelerates KYC Processes with Automation from Kofax

This bank used Kofax RPA™ to automate data gathering processes linked to Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks. Today, the bank can complete data-collection work that once took roughly 13 minutes in under 90 seconds on average, saving thousands of hours a week. Faster, more complete customer investigations reduce costs and the risk of regulatory non-compliance.


Turkcell Offers Seamless Onboarding with Automation from Kofax.

Turkcell paves the way for fast, secure customer onboarding with a paperless contract application and activation process. Featuring innovative electronic signature capabilities powered by Kofax SignDoc®, the new approach will allow Turkcell to shorten time-to-activation for new contracts, driving a better customer experience, and eliminate the cost and effort of managing paper—boosting operational efficiency.


Crete Carrier Corporation Revolutionizes its Logistics Operations

Crete Carrier revolutionizes its logistics operations with robotic process automation, powered by Kofax RPA™. Streamlined scheduling allows the company to get ahead of competitors to secure prime delivery slots—improving on-time delivery rates and saving time and costs—while freeing staff from tedious manual work to focus on building better relationships with customers.


Arrow Lets the Data Flow with Automated Procurement Processes

Arrow sought to help its customers create innovative new products, but found that manual quote and invoice processes were preventing it from achieving this objective. By implementing Kofax RPA™, Arrow achieved better integration with suppliers, shortened cycle times, assured data accuracy and increased satisfaction levels for customers and employees.


Domino's Serves Up Seamless Corporate Team-Member Onboarding with a New Mobile App

Domino's ditched the paper and launched a mobile app that allows teams to capture documents from new hires with their smartphones—powered by the Kofax Mobile Capture™ Platform. Going mobile has saved human resources 100 person-hours a week and transformed corporate team-member onboarding into a more convenient and compliant process.


Redwood Logistics Boosts Business Volume while Maintaining Steady Labor Costs

Prior to its acquisition by Redwood Logistics, LTX Solutions wanted to meet increasing demand for its logistics services while maintaining steady costs. The company implemented Kofax RPA™ software robots to automate tracking and auditing, enabling it to triple order volume while keeping costs level.


North American Logistics Company Supports Rapid Growth with Invoice Processing at Scale

Following a period of strong growth, this North American logistics company saw a dramatic increase in invoice processing requirements—which threatened to drive up costs significantly. To support continued growth, the company uses Kofax RPA™ to handle 500,000 invoices a month and drive cost savings of $75 million.

138 Results

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