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Ventura County Behavioral Health Department Uses Kofax Insight to Provide a More Individualized Approach to Patient Care

The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department uses Kofax Insight to turn mountains of medical and operational data into actionable information—giving management teams a newfound understanding of clients,treatments and care outcomes to help them shape more accessible and impactful healthcare services.

Spotcap Revolutionizes Lending with Flexible and Accessible Financing for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Spotcap is shaking up the banking landscape with its proprietary credit platform, which provides short-term loans to small businesses online. Powered by market-leading Kofax Kapow Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software and a unique credit assessment algorithm, Spotcap empowers businesses with tailored finance, allowing them to focus on what really matters – their business.

Ooredoo Embraces Digitization and Cutting-Edge Mobile Technology to Transform the Customer Onboarding Experience

Today, Ooredoo can get customers up-and-running with a new mobile phone subscription in just minutes, and simultaneously cut operating costs and ensure full compliance with strict information-sharing laws.

Domino’s Serves up Seamless Corporate Team Member Onboarding with a New Mobile App

Domino’s ditched the paper and launched a mobile app that allows teams to capture documents from new hires with their smartphones—powered by the Kofax Mobile Capture Platform. Going mobile has saved human resources 100 person-hours a week and transformed corporate team member onboarding into a more convenient and compliant process.

Crete Carrier Corporation Revolutionizes Logistics Operations with Robotic Process Automation

Crete Carrier used Kofax Kapow to forge ahead of competitors and secure prime delivery slots. The RPA solution streamlines scheduling, improves on-time delivery rates, saves time and costs—while freeing staff from tedious manual work to focus on building better relationships with customers.

Safe-Guard Products Adjudicates Claims 75% Faster with Kofax TotalAgility

Safe-Guard Products uses Kofax solutions to revolutionize how it manages millions of contracts and thousands of claims, reducing adjudication times by more than 75%, boosting productivity by 30% and improving customer satisfaction by 15%.

Turkcell Secures Faster Onboarding with Paperless Application and Activation

Turkcell paves the way for fast, secure customer onboarding with a paperless contract application and activation process. Featuring innovative electronic signature capabilities powered by Kofax SignDoc®, the new approach will allow Turkcell to shorten time-to-activation for new contracts—driving a better customer experience—and eliminate the cost and effort of managing paper, boosting operational efficiency.

Farner Consulting AG Uses Kofax Kapow RPA to Create the First Fully Automated Solution For Monitoring Political Issues

Farner is taking its political consultancy business in a whole new direction, and it’s all thanks to Kofax Kapow.

Grupo EULEN Centralizes and Digitizes Invoice Processing to Unlock Cost Savings and Efficiency Gains

Spanish professional services company Grupo EULEN has transformed manual and disjointed accounts payable processes into a centralized, efficient function. With a solution from Kofax, the Group has digitized and automated the processing of over 200,000 invoices payable per year, freeing up time that employees can devote to more value-added business activities.

Koppens Developments Leverages Kofax TotalAgility to Cut Invoice Processing Times From Hours to Minutes and Gain Unprecedented Insight into Operational Costs

Koppens Developments transformed accounts payable into a highly efficient, automated function by working with Data Capture Experts to deploy Kofax TotalAgility®. Today, the company has cut invoice processing times from hours to minutes, and has gained unprecedented insight into operational costs—helping it keep tight control over projects to bring key construction works in on time and within budget.

112 results