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Robotic Process Automation

Work Like Tomorrow with Intelligent Automation Today

Businesses today are obsessed with gaining competitive advantage. They’re also continually being asked to do more with less resources. Yet operating today like the digitally transformed business of tomorrow is still an elusive pipe dream for many organizations, regardless of industry, size or geography. What’s needed is a portfolio of integrated solutions that help customers digitally transform their businesses to work more profitably and efficiently.

All of our individual products – from capture to RPA – deliver fundamental value. However, as an integrated, unified platform, our combined solutions deliver exponential value: Intelligent Automation. Harnessing the power of the Kofax Intelligent Automation platform, our customers are uniquely enabled to work and benefit like tomorrow – in essence, to work today like the digitally transformed organization of the future. With our Intelligent Automation platform, Kofax is in a position to deliver today what most of our competitors can only promise tomorrow.

What does it look like when organizations work like tomorrow?

These forward-looking organizations use artificial intelligence, robotics, mobile technologies and other smart automation solutions to transform the capacity and performance of their business operations. They see these technologies as key enablers of establishing and sustaining a competitive edge.

Organizations that work like tomorrow streamline processes by building greater efficiency, visibility and control into their operations with less manual labor and potential for error. This results in reduced costs and improved cycle times, and enhances regulatory compliance. They seamlessly blend knowledge workers and cognitive automation to create agile workforces that achieve unprecedented levels of performance and satisfaction. And by working like tomorrow, these companies create workplaces that help attract and retain top talent.

It’s about creating customer experiences that are simple and satisfying, resulting in greater customer loyalty. It’s about intuitive onboarding journeys that minimize churn with services that are designed to delight. These organizations embrace diversity and innovation, processes and partner relationships to improve margin and contribute higher enterprise value, which ultimately increases the quality and accuracy of outputs while driving out cost.

Is your organization interested in working like tomorrow – today?  We can help get you there.

Learn how your organization can Work Like Tomorrow. 

Intelligent Automation: Build and Manage Your Digital Workforce with Next-Generation RPA

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