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What Is the Best Way to Reduce PDF Size Without Losing Quality?

Large PDF files have long been a problem for business users at any scale. These files may contain important information that the business needs to use or maintain, but sharing and storing them can be an issue. Many email services have attachment limits that can make sending these large files very difficult. Saving space on your local storage, especially in any cloud-based storage accounts, is also important. Are there any ways to reduce a PDF in size without losing quality?

With software built for the job, such as Kofax Power PDF, there are several ways to reduce the file size of a PDF while preserving the integrity of its contents. Explore how simple it is to exert more control over the size of your files.

How to Compress a PDF in Power PDF

PDF compression can maintain the quality of your contents if you select the appropriate settings. Reducing the quality of a document, especially its images, can save quite a lot of space on disk, but at the expense of readability and usefulness. Power PDF includes options that will help you find space savings without those trade-offs. Follow these three simple steps on your Mac or PC to learn how to decrease PDF size.

  1. Open the file you need to shrink using Power PDF.
  2. From the Home tab, locate and click the button labeled "Reduce."
  3. Click "reduce current file." Power PDF uses lossless compression algorithms to make invisible changes to the document to save space without impacting quality.

By clicking the "Optimize" button in the Reduce dialog, users can fine-tune options relating to image quality and other compression options to ensure the optimum output.

Other Options to Reduce PDF Size

For the biggest documents, even compression might not yield the savings you need in terms of space. If your concern lies with the need for easy sharing, there is another option available: you could split the PDF instead. By breaking the document into two smaller chunks, you gain two advantages: a smaller file size for each and a more responsive experience opening and reading the documents. Here's how to quickly split a PDF to keep the same quality but reduce size:

  1. Open the PDF.
  2. From the Home ribbon, select "Split Document" located under "Tools."
  3. Define the point in the document to make the split.
  4. Define a save destination and save the file. Power PDF splits the documents at the specified points and produces new copies in your chosen destination.

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Manage Every Aspect of Your PDFs With Better Software

At first glance, it might not seem easy to determine how to shrink PDFs in size. With Power PDF, the answers quickly become clear — and tapping into these solutions takes no time at all. Take full control over the way your enterprise handles digital documents and explore why Power PDF is the right tool to accomplish that goal. Download and use a free trial version for 15 days to evaluate firsthand what makes this software best for business users.

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