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What is the Best PDF Mobile App for Android Devices?

What is the Best PDF Mobile App for Android Devices?

Living in an age of instant gratification means you can complete processes faster than before. However, with that speed comes expectations from colleagues and clients to access their PDF app to read and perhaps sign a document. Kofax Power PDF Mobile allows users to read critical information on a report or document wherever they are, instead of being tied to a desk.

You may find that your Android device already allows you to read PDF files, but sadly, that’s almost all the functionality you enjoy. Bear in mind that due to its portability, PDF is a highly popular format for sending and receiving all types of documents. Some Android devices don’t have a default reader, and won’t open any PDF files, so it’s useful to download Power PDF Mobile, which is the ideal app to access PDF for Android.

What Does Power PDF Mobile Offer?

If your enterprise depends on the exchange, reading, signing, and marking of documents, you need a powerful PDF app. Ideally, employees should access these files wherever they are, allowing them to maximize their time and productivity. Power PDF Mobile is the ideal solution in this case as it’s an efficient and easy way for staff to remain in the know.

Power PDF Mobile opens in the palm of your hand whenever you're in transit and offers the following capabilities.

  • Annotations – You can use a wide range of markup tools, including selecting colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • Esignatures - the app enables you to sign off on documents using your stylus or a finger.
  • Navigation - usually, PDFs are lengthy documents, but the app makes accessing the file easy through bookmarks, thumbnails, and go-to pages.
  • Sharing - when you’re ready to send the document to the recipient, it only requires a few steps, and the file will be on its way.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Even though the software offers a handful to users, there are several features they’ve tucked away in the advanced section. New users may struggle to understand these features to use the software to its full potential.

Foxit PDF Reader & Converter

With this software, you will obtain all the necessary tools for reading and editing PDFs. Generally, the app is lightweight and fast.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Xodo works as you expect a PDF reader to function, providing smooth navigation. The program automatically syncs your changes with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. It allows users to convert various formats into PDF and is generally ad-free.

WPS Office + PDF

Some decent PDF reading features come with WPS Office. You can access PDF files and edit them to the point of cropping, adding bookmarks, printing, or saving them to cloud storage. Converting other format documents to PDF is easy and requires a smartphone camera. However, you’d have to upgrade to the premium version to sign paperwork and merge PDFs.

Try Power PDF Mobile

There’s a reason why Power PDF ranks as the best PDF app for Android devices. It delivers many features you don’t need to pay extra for. Simply download the app from the relevant app store and enjoy full functionality when working with PDF files. It’s the type of convenience that you and your team will appreciate. Try the Power PDF Mobile app today.

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