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What is the Best PDF Editor to Edit a Textbook?

The textbook is a critical foundation of education from the earliest days of grade school to advanced courses at the university level. Even with the growing impact of technology on education, publishers continue to print large volumes of textbooks. At the same time, especially in colleges, there is simultaneous growth in electronic copies of textbooks that students can access at any time and without the need to carry heavy books around all day.

In either scenario, authors and publishers need an easy way to put their products together. The PDF is the perfect format for such efforts due to its reliability and design. When you have a textbook project to work on, what PDF editor will give you the best results and the most features? With Kofax Power PDF, you can tap into all the functionality you need.

Manage Page Layouts and Ordering with Ease

One of the biggest challenges in textbook production is page layout. With lengths that often stretch to several hundred pages, re-ordering a book based on changing directives or editorial needs can be challenging. With Power PDF and its convenient “Document Assembly” pane, users can select, drag and drop, and reorder pages at will, making it easier to edit the book’s order.

Bring in Data from Other Sources with Conversions

PDF editors aren’t word processors, and you shouldn’t try to use them as the primary tool for creating the content in a textbook. As a result, you will often need to convert documents from formats such as Word to PDF, or Excel to PDF in the case of data tables and charts. Power PDF offers built-in conversion tools that rapidly swaps between formats so you can include any data your textbook document needs.

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Manipulate Text and Images for Perfect Placement

Pinning down the ideal page layout can take up the lion’s share of the book’s production time, but Power PDF ensures you can experiment with different options easily. With a complete suite of document tools that include ways to place, manipulate, move, and alter text and images, you can create eye-catching page layouts that make sense for the information you must communicate.

Collaborate with Colleagues for Finishing Touches

Putting together a textbook isn’t a solo endeavor. It takes the work of many people to publish a finished book. With Power PDF, users on the same computer network can open the same file on different machines and edit, markup and modify the document in real-time. It’s the perfect way to ensure that everyone stays “on the same page” as your project evolves.

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Discover Power PDF Today

With all the features necessary to make editing a textbook fast and easy, you might expect Power PDF to carry significant costs. On the contrary, with a perpetual licensing option for a one-time payment, obtaining the best PDF editor to edit a textbook doesn’t have to put a strain on your budget. You can even try the software for free up to 15 days to evaluate its suitability for your project. Get started with your trial version today.

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