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SignDoc Mobile on Android

Work doesn't happen only "at work" anymore—and really, where is the workplace today? It can be the office, but it will likely be a cozy nook at home, a coffee shop on the road, or an airport departure lounge. Add to that the fact that we spend three to six hours on average using our phones daily, and the need for effective mobile solutions is even more apparent. You won't always have time to pull out your laptop, connect, and take care of a quick work task, even if it's urgent.

Reliable smartphone apps to support critical tasks can help you and others in your business accomplish more each day. For example, do you have a means of quickly accessing and interacting with PDFs on your Android device? What about a way to sign and authorize documents while on the go? With the brand-new app version of Kofax Power PDF featuring integration with SignDoc mobile on Android, you can enjoy a robust solution right in your pocket.

What You Can Do with Power PDF Mobile

Most users need to do more than open a PDF on a mobile device. With Power PDF Mobile, users enjoy an extended set of features and an easy-to-use navigational system that makes working even on large documents a simple effort. Stand-out features include:

  • Tools for annotating text in PDF for giving notes or making comments.
  • Multiple markup tools for drawing directly on documents to indicate changes.
  • Access for PDFs you may have stored in the cloud.
  • Support for bookmarks and intuitive thumbnail navigation.
  • Share and print PDFs wirelessly.

One more important feature to consider about Power PDF Mobile: is esigning support.

Advanced Signing Functionality for Simpler Work

Once you've completed reviewing or working on a PDF on your Android device, you may need to provide your signature. Don't worry—you won't need to transfer the document back to a laptop or desktop computer to finish the job. With support for both stylus-drawn signatures and touch signing, you can sign and send documents on their way in seconds.

You can also create different signature profiles, such as when you may only need to apply initials to multiple parts of a document. With the opportunity to sign in the moment or to apply a signature profile, you can choose the option that's best for you. In the meantime, gold-standard security and encryption ensure that every signature is secure and verifiable by the recipient. That's the power of Power PDF Mobile.

Tap the Benefits of Fully Integrated Document Solutions

With a growing need to support hybrid workplaces and a global marketplace demanding flexibility, advanced mobile solutions are vital to today's best business software lineup. Just as you would equip yourself with the right capabilities at your desk, make sure you have what you need for work on the go.

With Power PDF Mobile and SignDoc mobile on Android, you can make quick work of everyday tasks and keep processes moving with as few bottlenecks as possible. Don't miss out on Power PDF when you need a versatile and richly-featured PDF app from the Google Play store. Try it today and see how easy it is to sign and send PDFs in seconds.

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