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What Does PDF Format Mean

Arguably one of the most common digital file formats used globally is the PDF format. But despite so many people using it regularly, surprisingly few know what it stands for and what the file format does – apart from being the typical format for everything from text to photo documents. Today we’ll discuss the specifics of a PDF, starting with the meaning behind this popular abbreviation.

First, PDF stands for Portable Document Format, an apt name when you understand what the format does. This open file format is most used as a universal way to exchange electronic documents and emphasizes display correctness regardless of the device used for viewing. So, whether you want to send it to someone working on a mobile phone, a tablet, a Mac or a Windows device, PDF will function correctly.

PDFs can handle already-created documents, images, forms, and web pages. This wide support of formats makes it the clear choice to universalize documents within a massive variety of sectors and businesses. Everyone uses digital documents nowadays, so everyone should use the same type of digital documents to make things easier.

You can expect the following from PDFs:

  • Universal compatibility
  • Increased file security
  • Easier sharing and collaboration
  • Wider range of customization options for your files
  • Optimized file format means it can take up less space on your storage devices
  • Massive range of methods to create these files

However, one general issue with PDFs is that it’s not always easy to edit, sign, or construct these documents unless you have the right software for the job.

Importance of a Professional PDF Editor

With the appropriate PDF editing software, you can utilize this format to its full extent. Given how PDFs work, editing them can prove tricky with subpar technologies.

Kofax Power PDF allows you to use any PDF document that comes across your desk efficiently. Here’s how we do it:

  • Full suite of creation capabilities. We make it easy to construct PDFs how you want to, so those who receive the document get the best possible version of it. From beginning to end, Power PDF makes it simple. You can create, sign, edit and view with ease.
  • Built-in security features. Our built-in security includes password protection, 256-AES encryption, support for digital certificates and capabilities for online signatures through DocuSign and Kofax SignDoc.
  • Workflow optimization. We offer the ability to collaborate in real time with those on your local network, making your PDF constructions more coherent.

Get Started With Your 15-Day Power PDF Trial

While you can get the software to view PDFs for free, that software doesn’t offer nearly the capabilities of Power PDF. With our 15-day free trial, you can experience everything you’ve missed, from PDF editing to local network collaboration and digital signing. On top of our 15-day free trial, we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for those not satisfied with the power of our product.

Start optimizing your PDF workflow with Kofax.

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