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Using Kofax Connectors & Other Solutions to Streamline Your Workflows

Robust technology deployed in the right place can make a fundamental difference in how your teams work and the quality of their output. Today's business software environment has become both large and complex. Many businesses use an array of tools, not all of which integrate seamlessly or function well together. With the power of purpose-built Kofax connectors and other solutions available in the Kofax Marketplace, you can start to address that problem.

What Are Kofax Marketplace Solutions? What Advantages Do They Offer?

The Marketplace contains a variety of solutions, from individual connectors to entire frameworks for the rapid implementation of software for specific use cases, along with demo bots, templates and guides. These assets come from many developers, including third party partners as well as Kofax engineers and consultants. All stem from an opportunity or issue identified as requiring a custom solution that was then shared with the larger business community.

With the broad range of solutions available in the Marketplace, you'll be able to tap into a range of advantages to boost your business. Those benefits include:

  • Extending the functionality and value of your existing software investments. Add new and innovative features to keep legacy software in the loop. Save on the costs of developing a new solution by relying on proven assets in their field.
  • Achieving a positive ROI in less time and at a greater ratio.
  • Removing problematic data silos and restoring enterprise-wide process visibility.
  • Faster implementation of efforts to add value or to reduce friction and errors.

Let's discuss what's available in the marketplace today to make these benefits possible.

What Are the Kofax Marketplace Categories You Should Know?

The most significant advantage of an online marketplace for stretching the functionality of your existing stack is the simplicity inherent in finding what you need. Search by keyword or sort by category—it's easy to start finding the resources you need to move to the next level.

Let's briefly look at each major asset class in the Marketplace and explain what you can expect from each.

Connectors and adapters. Let disparate software, databases, and other computer systems "talk" to one another easily. Convert data automatically from a format used in one place to another type used elsewhere.

Templates and frameworks. These premade scaffolds for automation let you get set up quickly. Skip the foundational work; it's already done for you. Instead, speed your way to new feature implementation by quickly customizing frameworks and templates to do what you need.

Robots, code, and apps. You don't need to start from scratch building software robots when you can start modifying one built for a purpose similar to your needs already. Find ready-made apps for industry-specific purposes.

You'll also find helpful training resources and more to make full use of these solutions.

Automating Data Transfer & Exchange With Connectors

Zeroing in on connectors and adapters, how do these tools create a better environment for cost-effective work? Sometimes, business software is built with the idea that it will eventually need to communicate with similar systems. Sometimes, though, they aren't—but that doesn't mean you have no way to facilitate data exchange between these points.

You can set up an automated pipeline between two different APIs with Kofax connectors. For example, there are many ways to connect a complex system such as Salesforce to an intelligent automation platform such as Kofax TotalAgility. You can set up events that automatically trigger the exchange of data between these systems, or you can build software robots to do so and extend speed even deeper into your workflows. Depending on your purpose, you may even find such automation opportunities ready to configure in the marketplace.

Why Mobile Apps Are a Critical Consideration for Efficiency Today

Today's workforces aren't all concentrated in one place. It's not just remote work we mean, either. Companies with many employees in the field (e.g., logistics and transportation, for example) have sought to integrate these workers into enterprise-level systems. This trend highlights the increasing importance of mobile-based connections to automation and more.

Mobile solutions that integrate and connect with your systems are key efficiency drivers. Employees can capture and submit data for on-the-spot transmission back to business systems. Likewise, these apps and their connections facilitate better visibility into processes and workflows. Workers can accomplish more without needing to wait, and the business gains valuable intelligence along the way.

With Kofax adapters to build bridges between central software deployments and mobile users, you can extend rich functionality into the field and the back office.

Some Ideas About Best Practices

When you want to implement Kofax solutions for your business, how can you leverage the marketplace's potential for success? Using a process based on the following best practices provides a baseline from which to work. Here's a quick overview:

  • Analyze your existing processes, workflows, or strategic approach. Look for signs of shortcomings, research user pain points, and think critically about process improvements.
  • Identify gaps or problematic issues in your current processes, seeking opportunities to build new connections between discrete elements. Define what a better way of doing things will require.
  • Use the marketplace to search for pre-built solutions created by professional developers across many sectors. Find the solution that best matches your current level of need.
  • Develop a plan for integration and begin building the new functionality into your test environment. Bring relevant stakeholders on board and provide training.
  • Go live with your new solutions and continue to look for opportunities to innovate.

Find Workflow Improvements Today

Managing today's complex software environment can be made far more straightforward when you have the right solutions to hand. More than that, the right approach can help you achieve an appreciable ROI more quickly while expanding your overall capabilities. With the Kofax Marketplace, transforming the way you work is only a few clicks away.


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