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Using Batch Sequencing to Simplify PDF Processing

Some of the most important tasks in the office are also the most tedious. For example, document processing often requires one or more employees to sit at their desks with many digital files that need modification. From watermarking pages to removing recurring sensitive information, employees must address these changes before they can move to the next stage in the document's lifecycle. However, these procedures often take far more time than necessary.

With Kofax Power PDF, there's an easier way to tackle this workload. As a fully-featured PDF editor, Power PDF has more than just basic functionality: it has advanced, time-saving capabilities, including batch processing. With these tools, large jobs can take seconds instead of hours.

What Can You Do With PDF Batch Sequencing?

Batch sequencing is a basic form of automation in PDF editing tools such as Power PDF. Using a pre-defined sequence of actions, users can apply the same changes to multiple documents at once. The results are consistent, reliable, and error-free. Some of the things that you can do in a batch process with Power PDF:

  • Add and remove watermarks or apply redactions to sensitive phrases.
  • Add stamps to places or pages.
  • Complete page operations, including deletions, insertions, rotation, and extraction.

How to Process Documents in Power PDF in 7 Steps

Power PDF makes it easy to set up and run a batch sequence, even if you need to modify hundreds of documents. The process is so simple that it takes only seven steps to complete. Follow this quick guide to create batch sequencing and simplify PDF processing:

  1. From the Advanced Processing menu, select "Batch" and then "Sequencer".
  2. Click New Sequence and give your process a name.
  3. Click OK. Power PDF provides the Edit Workflow box, where you will define the sequence to apply to the batch.
  4. Click "Select Commands" and use the sequence editor to select the actions using Add. Then modify each action's parameters individually and define the sequence in which to execute the tasks. When finished, click OK in the Edit Sequence box.
  5. In the Edit Batch dialog, choose which files the sequence will modify. You can choose to ask every time you run the sequence or apply the actions to only the files that you have open.
  6. Define the output parameters. Click OK to close the Edit Batch Sequencer box.
  7. Return to "Sequencer" under Batch in Advanced Processing. Choose the sequence you created, then click "Run Sequence". Click OK. Power PDF executes the changes that you've defined on the selected documents automatically.

Acquire Advanced Tools for PDF Processing Today

With a simple way to process documents according to the needs of the day, your teams can transition away from time-consuming workflows and move towards a faster and more effective way to handle large tasks. Power PDF is more than just a way to handle PDF processing—it's a feature-filled tool perfect for many other tasks, including:

  • Creating PDFs as full-text documents from scanned pages using industry-leading OCR
  • Locking down and securing PDFs to protect sensitive information from unauthorized users
  • Converting to and from the PDF document format, including image files such as JPG and PNG

With so many features available in one affordable package, Power PDF enables your business to step into the future right now. Explore these features and more when you try a free 15-day trial.

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