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Using Advanced Automation to Boost Efficiency in Accounts Payable Processes

Were you happy with what you saw the last time you looked at the metrics for your accounts payable team, or was there obvious room for improvement? Despite its fundamental importance to the business, many companies encounter everyday struggles in this area. Those struggles drive up costs, delay the completion of mission-critical work, and leave you without clear insights into your company’s finances.

Many of these issues stem from old, disconnected software systems and highly manual workflows. Today, the emergence of advanced automation technology means you can tell a different story about how your AP teams work. With tools like Kofax AP Essentials and support from experienced automation partners, you can embrace the future of work and see valuable benefits along the way.

Why is now the right time, and how can you find ways to improve your workflows?

Why AP teams need a new way of doing things

The pace of business only continues to quicken, and staying competitive demands efficiency at every level. Yet many AP teams continue manually conducting tasks such as extracting invoice data, entering it into a computer system, or even walking invoices from desk to desk for approval. All these efforts drive up the cost per invoice and create multiple opportunities for errors. With a platform like AP Essentials, you can slash expenses while simplifying frustrating work for all involved. Ultimately, better efficiency translates into many benefits, such as:

  • A simpler workflow that yields a gentler learning curve for new arrivals while increasing job satisfaction for experienced workers.
  • The advantages and cost reductions of a more paperless office.
  • Fewer mistakes such as missed, late or even duplicate payments.

Automation makes it possible, but where should you start?

Exploring where your processes could use some help

A consultation with proven AP automation experts is an excellent place to begin—and you can start that journey from within the Kofax Marketplace. Optima Global Solutions, a business highly experienced with the Kofax TotalAgility tool, offers a free consultation you can schedule today. This 60-minute call lets you learn about automating accounts payable while exploring how and where your business could benefit. When perusing your current processes, you can see your next steps.

Connect and integrate AP Essentials into your business

The Marketplace includes much more than consulting opportunities. Here, you can also find free and paid solutions to make it even easier to plug automation into your business. For example, the AP Essentials Integration Package includes pre-built connectors to link an automation solution to the databases your teams most likely use daily.

Connectors for SAP, Quickbooks, and more all let you customize your approach to continue using your existing software—just powered up even more with automation tools. By engaging with experienced professionals and choosing the right pre-built solutions, you can deploy effective automation faster and more reliably.

Starting your first steps towards smarter AP today

With a smart approach to deploying automation tools such as AP Essentials and support from the Kofax Marketplace, you can race towards a positive ROI and real-world changes in how you do business. Forging strong supplier relationships is easier when you can quickly eliminate problems such as missed payments. Those changes can also produce value for you in other ways, such as early payment discounts.

Accounts payable don’t have to remain mired in the paper-based past. Instead, explore improving efficiency with today’s automation capabilities and professional support.

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