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Unveiling the Potential of Generative AI

A Comprehensive Summary

Generative AI is a rapidly evolving technology with the potential to revolutionize industries across the board. In Kofax’s recent virtual event on Generative AI, several key leaders discussed the importance and impact Generative AI has and will have on transforming business.

Discussed within this engaging event were three key takeaways:

  • Embrace the power of Generative AI to stay relevant
  • Gain proficiency over just efficiency
  • Kofax’s plan to integrate Generative AI into Total Agility

Embrace the Power of Generative AI to Stay Relevant

Chris Huff, Chief Growth Officer at Kofax, emphasized the significance of embracing Generative AI in the rapidly evolving digital landscape to stay relevant and succeed in this evolving digital landscape. He highlighted how this cutting-edge technology blurs the boundaries between human capabilities and machine intelligence, paving the way for a harmonious partnership between the two.

Gain Proficiency Over Just Efficiency

Adam Field, SVP of Global Product Strategy at Kofax, built upon Chris's insights, making the point that Generative AI isn't about replacing workers for efficiency but elevating proficiency. He showcased how this technology enhances the quality of work, creativity, critical thinking, and insights across various industries. He encouraged the audience to reflect on how they intend to leverage Generative AI in their organizations, emphasizing that technology augments and creates new opportunities, ultimately driving economic growth.

Kofax’s plan to integrate Gen AI into Total Agility

David Sentongo, Director of Product Management at Kofax, presented Kofax’s plans to integrate Generative AI into Kofax Total Agility, an AI-powered intelligent automation platform. David introduced a new "Copilot," that will boost developer productivity by translating natural text input into workflows, allowing developers to build solutions faster. He also emphasized how Generative AI can unlock business insights by summarizing content and extracting relevant information. Last, David highlighted use cases for fine-tuning large language models using an organization's proprietary data to provide more specific and personalized insights.

Customer Spotlight: How DB Schenker Harnesses AI and Automation

Simjees Abraham, Head of Global Automation and Digitalization at DB Schenker, shared insights into how his organization is already leveraging AI and automation to drive operational efficiency and create new opportunities. He highlighted that AI technologies like ChatGPT and LLMs complement their workforce, facilitating a symbiotic relationship between technology and human expertise.


Generative AI is a powerful tool to revolutionize the way we work. The event spotlighted real-world applications and encouraged collaboration to shape a future where Generative AI plays a pivotal role in in reshaping industries and fostering innovation. By embracing this transformative technology, Generative AI can unlock unprecedented levels of proficiency and innovation.

To hear the entire discussion, watch a replay of the virtual event on Generative AI and learn more about how Kofax is integrating Generative AI into its products and services.

Watch the Virtual Event now
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