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Kofax Power PDF and Enterprise ROI

Bringing any new software into an enterprise setting is an effort that requires careful thought, planning, and consideration. You'll need to answer questions such as "How will this help us?" and "What potential conflicts might this create?" along the way. However, there's another key question to answer: what kind of a return on your investment can you see? That's the key question even when adopting necessary productivity software such as Kofax Power PDF.

A PDF editor is a valuable tool for today's offices, especially at the enterprise level. Without one, even some everyday tasks become frustratingly difficult. What makes Power PDF the right choice for your organization? First, a look at what this software offers is in order. With that in mind, we can explore how Power PDF can deliver a positive and impactful ROI for your business.

Here's what to know.

What does Power PDF bring to the table?

The first place to investigate how Power PDF delivers a solid ROI is in the level of functionality it provides to your team. Without a reliable editing tool, employees may turn to "free" online tools that require uploading documents to some unknown web server and then downloading edited files. This is not a best practice, nor is it the best solution.

Instead, Power PDF comes packed full of basic and advanced features, giving your teams more flexibility to work intelligently. Some of the core elements that contribute to this include the following features and abilities:

  • Create PDF documents and convert a diverse group of files (from documents and spreadsheets to images) into PDFs.
  • Split or merge PDF files.
  • Encrypt and secure documents.
  • Incorporate digital signing and e-signature workflows.
  • Permanently redact sensitive information.
  • Real-time collaboration between users over a local network or via the cloud.

With many features and a high degree of customization waiting behind them, Power PDF delivers value on every level in terms of functionality. What about in other ways?

The cost savings Power PDF creates

Improvements in business expenses and operating costs are one of the primary ways you can recognize a positive ROI with Power PDF. How does new software translate into actual savings and value? There are several important ways to consider:

  • Transitioning towards a paperless office and a larger reliance on digital document formats helps to reduce the dependence on related supplies. This includes reducing your spending on paper, ink or toner, printers and printer maintenance.
  • Integrated electronic signing workflows require less time to execute documents. Save on postage for mailing documents and move away from archaic tools such as the fax machine.
  • Power PDF's licensing solutions with enterprise volume options are more cost-effective and flexible than the competition.

We're proud to say that Power PDF has earned several awards from TrustRadius, including a "Best Value for Price" award in the PDF editing category.

Evaluating ROI through the lens of productivity

Incorporating Power PDF into your workflows can create better productivity in the workplace, which in turn yields value of its own. For example, Power PDF's intuitive interface and deep functionality ensure that workers can complete common tasks more quickly and accurately. Previously labor-intensive workflows, such as redacting information from a large document, become much simpler and faster with Power PDF.

When workers don't have to search for solutions to their PDF problems, they're more productive across the board. Built-in collaboration tools also simplify version control and iteration on documents that receive contributions from multiple teams. Faster, more productive work equals more value.

Making your business more efficient

With Power PDF, you can also explore options for integration into additional systems and even with other Kofax products. Unifying your software setup eliminates bottlenecks and allows you to build more streamlined workflows. With a more connected approach to digital workspaces, reducing wasted and idle time is within reach. Employees that can quickly sign a document or fill out a form aren't just more productive, but they're more efficient overall, too.

Explore the Potential for Savings and Productivity Boosts Today

A cost-benefit analysis is always a smart process to explore before adopting new software or changing how you do business. Estimating the ROI you can generate from such a change helps illuminate the right choice for your teams. At the end of the day, you need to make choices that empower your business to be more effective at every level.

With a rich set of features and advanced functionality that today's enterprise operations demand, Power PDF delivers exceptional value for your investment. From reducing your reliance on paper products to speeding up work and improving worker satisfaction, the many benefits can all contribute towards a better bottom line. Explore Power PDF and its many features for free today when you explore a trial version now.

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