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Tips for Editing Text in a PDF With Kofax Power PDF

Businesses around the globe have embraced PDFs since they revolutionized the administrative tasks of every type of operation. Instead of printing out forms, physically filling in the information with a pen and scanning them back to the original sender is time-consuming and requires additional resources such as printers, ink, and paper. However, Kofax Power PDF has changed that scenario since it is a powerful PDF editor that you can use to make life easier and more efficient.

Using a strong PDF editor, you can do everything digitally with the PDF file. As a result, it speeds up sending and receiving pertinent documents or having your clients sign them urgently. Additionally, when you need to modify the contents of a specific document which may be an employee handbook or health and safety rules, you can simply use the PDF text editor instead of converting the file to Word or Excel for editing.

Steps to Take to Edit Text on a PDF

Whether you have a digital version of the document or you’re scanning a hard copy, you will have the tools available to edit text with Power PDF. These are the steps you can take to edit text anywhere in a PDF file:

  • Open up Power PDF and select the file that you’d like opened. The software has an interface similar to the Microsoft Office Suite, so your employees will be familiar with the layout.
  • After inserting the relevant document into Power PDF, you must click on the Edit tab at the top of the page.
  • The editing menu will display at the top and include options such as Edit Text, Edit Object, and Typewriter.
  • For this blog, we’re dealing with editing text, so you can click on the relevant button.
  • Once you’ve done this, you’ll immediately notice a highlight around the text boxes throughout the document.
  • Simply move the cursor to the box you wish to edit and delete the content you don’t require.
  • If you wish, you can change the font as well as text size as you would in a regular Word document. Other options include changing the color, italicizing, or bolding specific texts.
  • Make the necessary edits throughout the document and close the editing tab.
  • Click on save, and your new PDF is ready for printing or sending to a recipient.

Why Power PDF

Power PDF is the ideal alternative to Adobe with over 10 million users around the world opting to use this software. It’s relatively easy to use, and its similarity to Microsoft Office goes a long way in helping users master its features.

It takes mere minutes to edit, convert, create, and compile PDF documents. You can also opt for the Advanced program that allows you access to Sign-Doc, which you can use to apply signatures. The text editing function is one of a kind and eliminates the need to print out documents. Explore the efficiency of Power PDF by capitalizing on the 15-day trial. Experience the software for yourself and see what it can do for your business.

We understand that it may not be for your organization and, as a result, offer a 30-day-money-back guarantee with your purchase.

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