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Kofax Capture Tips and Tricks

How accessible is document data to the key players in your organization? Even in a more paperless environment, you'll still receive immense amounts of information from various sources: web pages, emails, PDFs and so forth. Add in the fact that paper isn't truly going away any time soon, and the complexity and size of document workflows become apparent. There is a better way: with Kofax Capture, and other Kofax tools and solutions available on the Kofax Marketplace, you can create document workflows that transform your business.

How can you make Capture as effective as possible in your business? Where you apply its functionality and how you tie Capture into larger intelligent automation efforts will make the difference. Let's review what you can accomplish with this platform, then dig deeper into what's possible with expert insights.

What Kofax Capture Can Do for You

Built from the first line of code to be an advanced tool for business users, Capture includes our industry-leading OCR technology and advanced AI functionality for document classification. Combined with other Kofax tools, such as Kofax RPA, Transformation or TotalAgility, you can easily engineer workflows based on better document intelligence.

From the start, you can do the following:

  • Control the flow of content throughout your organization no matter where it originates.
  • Reduce workflow friction and eliminate errors to create better business outcomes.
  • Rededicate valuable employee time to tasks beyond scanning, classifying, and extracting information from documents.

Making the Most of Your Investment

How can you be sure you're making the most of this opportunity? We have some important tips you can keep in mind.

Capture documents from any source across your organization.

Don't get tunnel vision during the automation process. It's easy to focus on the most visible problems, such as the volume of paper that you must put through scanners and digitize. However, what about all the other channels through which document data flows within your company?

Are you also effectively capturing and classifying that information, or are you missing out? With the right approach, you can capture data from every source. This improves visibility and ensures employees don't need to hunt for an important resource.

Train Capture to understand your documents.

Kofax Transformation offers incredible flexibility in combination with Capture. With these tools, you can use AI to learn about the different types of documents ingested into your system. Classifying and extraction is a possibility, even with unstructured data sets. Process more documents faster and ensure their information ends up in the right places.

Level up with robotic process automation.

With software robots built using RPA tools, you can take classified and extracted data from Capture and move it directly into your needed locations. For example, you might populate a database entry in your ERP software based on captured sales or forecast orders information. Populating a CRM is just as easy. With reliable robots, you'll find many unique ways to customize your workflow.

Discover advanced solutions in the Kofax Marketplace.

In the Kofax Marketplace, you can find solutions created by teams who are already advanced experts with Kofax products. These apps and connectors can extend Capture's functionality while helping you save time and avoid additional development costs. Consider just a few of the dozens of options in the Marketplace for Capture. With the right solutions, you could:

• Automatically split out pages from a batch when scanning large volumes, even including batches with different document types. • Deploy frameworks built for extracting specific data types and then routing them into other enterprise software systems. • Automatically classify and redact sensitive information as documents enter the digital space.

These are just some basic examples — the Marketplace is full of exciting functionality that saves time and speeds you towards a positive ROI.

Consider the power of AI and capture, combined.

Capture is so versatile you can even use it for applications you might not think of right away—such as pairing it with a conversational AI for a self-service chatbot. Such a tool could ingest customer information, capture uploaded documents, and classify the information. It could then route those documents into the appropriate locations and notify the right hu-man workers about any action necessary.

In other words, think outside the box. With today's intelligent automation technology, you can always discover new opportunities to innovate.

Explore Connecting With Proven Consultants

Marketplace solutions aren't the only opportunity you have to find ways to leverage the capabilities of Capture to transform how you work. Just as many developers contribute their expertise to the Marketplace through pre-built solutions, teams are happy to share that expertise directly with you. Bringing in a highly experienced consultant with Capture and other Kofax intelligent automation tools can be a very valuable investment.

Sometimes it takes an outsider's perspective to identify the areas where your business may benefit the most from a new way of doing things. You can target your efforts for more effective spending and a faster route to a positive ROI by seeking out tips specific to your organization's needs. With so many elements to harmonize, outside help can be a critical resource.

Discover What's Possible With Kofax Capture Today

The modern business environment demands processes that are agile, flexible, and ready to respond to your needs at any scale. When document-based workflows are slow and inefficient, even fundamental business tasks can bog down in those bottlenecks. Rethinking your approach to document capture, management, and the role of automation is a true game-changer.

Kofax Capture is a highly versatile platform ready for you to make it even more powerful with the right Marketplace solutions and consulting insight. With workflows you can customize to suit the specific needs of your business, adapting to new tools for consistently better outcomes is within easy reach. Find out more about what you can do when you explore solutions on the Marketplace today.

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