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The Power of Kofax RPA With Google Cloud Vision & the Google API

In many organizations today, robotic process automation has offered valuable opportunities to begin streamlining many key business processes involving manual tasks. Most often, we think of these tasks as the ones that involve interacting directly with a software user interface, making inputs, and moving outputs. However, there are many opportunities today to integrate solutions such as Kofax RPA with more advanced functionality—extending the reach and the power of your existing automation investments.

Consider the idea of a system where you could equip your software robots with the capability to analyze and extract image content. You don't have to imagine it—you can find such a solution right now in the Kofax Market-place. Built by Quipu, this innovative connector offers integration between Google Cloud Vision and Kofax RPA.

What is Google Cloud Vision?

Google has been a leader in the AI space for many years. Investments in technology such as image recognition have made the company a source of some powerful tools, including Google Cloud Vision. Using the extensively trained image-sensing AI utilities the company developed, businesses can equip themselves with the capability to detect the content of an image automatically. Cloud Vision can capably recognize elements such as human faces, specific objects, text data, and more.

For businesses with a Google API key, you can pass information to Cloud Vision for detection and identification quickly and easily. Connecting that API to Kofax RPA means you can automate sending images to Google, get-ting results, and taking action based on those results. Access to such "computer vision" creates many exciting opportunities for businesses.

Imagining use cases for integration of Cloud Vision with Kofax RPA

Using Cloud Vision to identify, classify, and extract data can speed up work that might otherwise require a human to scrutinize a document. Many businesses across diverse economic sectors could benefit from the inter-section of RPA with a computer vision AI. Take a quick look at a few ideas for use cases in common workflows:

  • A business receives text in an image file and needs to extract the information into a usable format quickly. Cloud Vision can use AI-powered OCR on the text and return a copy of the data for manipulation or transference into another business system.
  • Facial recognition is ideal for identifying individuals in photographs or extracting photo data from documents such as passports or ID cards. The public sector, law firms, and even financial businesses such as banks or insurance companies could all use such capabilities to make critical processes faster.
  • Classify documents by type based on specific objects unique to those documents, such as a stamp or seal, to ensure routing to the appropriate parties within a busy.

With RPA as part of the process, you'll have a powerful and agile process improvement tool. There's no need to worry about building a robot from scratch to leverage the Google API for Cloud Vision access. Using the Google Cloud Vision robot available in the Marketplace, customizing your setup is easy. As configured, this robot facilitates facial recognition, text recognition, and web entity detection, enabling a large number of valuable functions.

Power up your business with advanced automation

In the time it takes a human to analyze one image and identify the appropriate information to extract, you could analyze many more images with the help of Cloud Vision and Kofax RPA. Make the most of your investment and discover fresh opportunities to extend your ROI with pre-built solutions ready for high-level uses in all kinds of companies when exploring the Kofax Marketplace today.

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