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Using the Kofax Marketplace for Integration

The software environment at today’s enterprise-level is staggeringly complex. There could be dozens or even hundreds of different utilities in place across an entire organization, each critical in its own way. For established companies, it likely means some legacy software, too. Keeping all these systems “talking” to one another is no easy feat—but solutions in the Kofax Marketplace could make a difference.

Why should you focus on expanding the interconnected nature of your software systems? Many aspects and pain points indicate the importance of integration in today’s organizations. Continue reading about what to know regarding the subject and explore what’s possible.

The Importance of Effective Technology Integration Today

No one piece of software unifies business functions under one roof. Connections between software are essential, so tools such as APIs are vital for facilitating the smooth flow of data—especially in automated systems. Without these integrations, humans must intervene to copy and move data manually. In today’s business environment, that’s far too time-consuming and error-prone.

For example, AP automation is often valuable because it can take over and accelerate many of the most time-consuming manual tasks. However, as part of that, data must move smoothly between the various systems that track and process business information—otherwise, it becomes stuck and still requires manual intervention. Reliable connections facilitate broader business process automation successes.

The Problems Most Companies Encounter During Automation Efforts

Although automation has many benefits, it can be a complex process that demands a well-considered approach from businesses. Understanding what pitfalls may lie ahead on the path to success is key. Some of the significant pain points companies express include:

  • Difficulty finding the specific solution required, often demanding a long custom software development cycle and additional investments.
  • Protracted turnaround times from initial deployment to profitability—or even reliability.
  • Poor visibility into which processes will benefit the most from automation.
  • Complex development tools that keep the average user excluded from the process.

With innovative and versatile automation platforms such as Kofax TotalAgility, you can work through these problems to achieve excellent outcomes. Likewise, the Marketplace offers a way to accelerate further your efforts to improve through automation. How?

What is the Kofax Marketplace?

Automation is a rapidly moving field where experience can be a significant benefit. However, you do not always need to engage in a lengthy hiring process to find an automation engineer—in many use cases, someone may have already created what you need. We built the Kofax Marketplace as a centralized space for teams and developers, already highly experienced with Kofax automation tools to share innovative solutions with companies such as yours.

Hosting everything from pre-built apps and automation frameworks you can use for rapid iteration to diverse software connectors; the Marketplace is your direct link to faster results. How much of a difference could that make? Depending on your use case, the answer could be “a significant difference.”

The Advantages of Exploring Connectors and Apps

The diversity of the solutions available on the Marketplace is its biggest strength. With options from independent developers and larger companies, finding an option that aligns with your system requirements and process demands is easier than you might think. Once you choose the appropriate software, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Automation of data flow across the back end. Data “silos” are one of the biggest problems facing businesses today. Marketplace connectors often feature a design specifically made to bypass the silo problem by automating digital data transfers.
  • A way to keep legacy software in the mix. Replacing old tools that still work is often expensive and risky. Using the Marketplace, you can identify ready-made and ready-to-modify options for making those tools part of more efficient systems.
  • Take full advantage of today’s entire range of business software functionality while deploying automation. When quickly feeding high-quality data into key systems, you can automate critical tasks such as report generation, error detection, and more.

Today, there’s no need to build tedious workflows that require manual switching between software and slow data transfers. With Marketplace connectors, you can route data to the right places rapidly.

Extending the Value of Your Investment: Planning

Marketplace connectors can facilitate considerable changes in how you do business while helping you fully realize the value of investments in Kofax software. As with any automation project, you should always take a step back to plan these changes. Explore what’s available in the Marketplace based on the software you use or the type of connection you need to make, then contemplate how to integrate it effectively into real-world workflows.

Many of our Marketplace partners avail themselves for support and answering your questions. Some even provide in-depth automation consulting. With these resources available, success in system integration is within reach.

Take the First Steps Towards More Advanced Integration Today

Paving the way to the future of doing business in the digital age begins with better control over your software environment. Instead of demanding manual workflows necessitated by legacy systems and disconnected programs, you can create a series of links that transform your workflow. Imagine no more data falling between the cracks to cause slowdowns—no more bottlenecks at transfer points in your workflows.

With solutions available through the Kofax Marketplace, you can rapidly deploy connectors to facilitate the effective use of RPA and other automation tools in your business. Save on the cost of replacing legacy systems using a more modern approach to integrate everything. With free and paid solutions available on the Marketplace, plus consulting support from some of our partners, getting started is simple. Discover what you could do today.

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