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The Integrations to Expect From Kofax Power PDF

Any business environment can do with more efficiency and better productivity. Kofax Power PDF is a powerful PDF editor that allows you and your employees to work on a document collectively. One of the benefits of using this software is its easy integration with third-party platforms. Using an effective integration means you can work on a document from any location and with any device. So, you don’t have to stop when you need to leave the office as you can continue working while in transit or when you get home.

Using PDF in Google Docs

Google Docs automatically links you to Google Drive. All the documents you open using Docs will save your edits without continuously clicking the save button. Also, it’s the ideal place to collaborate on a document since it allows multiple users to make changes to the same document in real time. This process enhances productivity by eliminating sending the file back and forth for edits and approvals. With this integration, your team can make suggestions and edit the document through Google Docs conveniently.

You can safely store these documents in Google Drive, including your PDF files. You can access these files wherever you are. In the wake of technological disasters such as power outages, you can rest easy knowing that Google saves your work after every edit. If the device you’re working on suddenly shuts down or crashes, your effort into the document wouldn’t be in vain since everything remains accessible from Google Drive.

Power PDF and its Google integration will go a long way to enhance your operation and make it easier to collaborate on documents even when your team members are miles away from each other.

Using Dropbox PDF

Dropbox is an off-site server that you can use for storage and sharing your PDF and other types of files. Like Google Drive, you can sync your files online and access them from any device. When your business deals with heaps of paperwork, you need central storage. With the PDF to Dropbox integration, you can work on PDF files as you would with any file stored on your desktop.

It’s possible to edit, erase, and add PDFs through secure servers while using Dropbox from any device. Whether you’re using an iPhone, Android device, PC, or Mac, you can capitalize on the Dropbox integration.

Other Integrations

Power PDF has other integrations that you can use to work with large files efficiently. OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, and NetDocuments are examples of platforms that work well with Power PDF.

Why Power PDF

Over 10 million users worldwide have already embraced this powerful software and experienced the efficiency it provides. With features including redaction, highlighting, text and image editing, form creation and editing, team collaboration, and e-signatures, there’s no need to look for another PDF editor.

Whether you’re using PC or Mac, there’s an option for your business. It’s far more affordable than Adobe and is an official alternative. The Microsoft Office-style interface ensures that your team can quickly master the software’s ability because it’s so familiar to many users. There’s a reason that Power PDF made the Top 50 products of the year at the Best Software Awards.

However, you can try Power PDF for yourself with a 15-day trial–allow it to demonstrate what it can do for your business, and if you’re still unhappy with your purchase, we offer a 30-day-money-back guarantee.