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Connect AP Essentials to D365 Business Central

Good accounts payable workflows are the backbone of business today. It's no surprise, then, that a wide variety of software solutions and technologies exist to address the challenges faced by AP professionals. Document handling and data capture are among those major hurdles. With Kofax AP Essentials, you can engage with powerful automation to streamline some of the most critical moments in the workflow.

However, many businesses use a wide variety of solutions to manage their business operations. For example, solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 are popular, especially the Business Central system. This setup provides a cloud-based, centralized solution for managing everything from sales to finances. However, this can mean a disconnect between valuable tools such as AP Essentials and your ERP solutions such as Business Central.

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector however, you can tear down those walls and enable rich, extensive capabilities that enhance the value of both software investments. Let's explore what each of these technologies does for business users, then dive into the benefits of integrating AP Essentials, Business Central and more.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an expansive suite of business tools designed to streamline and improve many areas of business administration. Within D365, Business Central is Microsoft's cloud-based enterprise resource management (ERP) platform. BC includes many tools to empower organizations to gain deeper insights into their processes and to make key improvements.

A key aspect of BC is its integration of multiple systems under one roof. This makes performing various actions without leaving the platform simple, from analyzing sales data to the daily accounting requirements that keep businesses afloat.

It is also a very extendable platform, much like the many solutions offered by Kofax. This makes it simple to integrate additional features and functionality into BC—increasing the value of your investment and letting your teams work more successfully.

What is the ImageTech Microsoft Connector?

Although D365 Business Central is a highly versatile and functional platform, it does not have every possible capability baked into its features. Adding more functionalities can enable your teams to do more within the D365 environment without switching between software. Relying on disconnected solutions builds up the silos you're trying to tear down.

AP Essentials can bring an impressive array of functions into the BC environment, including cognitive capture and intelligent extraction of document data, invoice processing, and more. However, it is not by itself an ERP platform.

The engineers and developers at ImageTech Systems, LLC recognized the potential for pairing these two solutions together and created the ImageTech connector for AP Essentials and Business Central. This utility provides a means of communicating directly with AP Essentials from inside Business Central - and vice versa. This free flow of data between the two applications enables robust outcomes.

Why integrate these two? Simple: provide your knowledge workers with immediate access to critical data no matter where they're working. You can pull information configured in AP Essentials into BC and trigger AP Essentials-related workflows from within BC itself. Doing so creates opportunities for many benefits.

The Benefits of a More Robust Integration

Facilitating data flow throughout your organization is one of the first steps toward improving operational efficiency. By connecting AP Essentials to Business Central, you'll be able to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Streamlined access to AP data and information configured in Business Central. Using BC data, users can conduct purchase order mapping and GL coding directly within AP Essentials.
  • Improved security and stability. All data passed between your systems remains encrypted and secure, so there are no opportunities to compromise information as it moves across AP Essentials and BC.
  • Opportunities to automate key business processes for value, accuracy, and speed. Invoice ingestion and data extraction is a key element of AP Essentials, and with the connector, you can even automate portions of the payment approvals process.
  • Enhanced opportunities for employee collaboration while driving down error rates, lost invoices, and other problems common to AP.

With one simple connector, you can remake how your finance teams work.

Find Out How to Get Started Today

With the opportunity to extract more functionality from your existing software investments, connecting AP Essentials with Business Central can be a very valuable proposition. Stop struggling with poor visibility into your processes, silos that keep data stuck in one place, and the potential for costly or time-consuming human errors. Instead, start automating - and reap the rewards of more innovative, secure processes that help your teams collaborate towards better outcomes.

Getting started with AP Essentials is easy, and finding solutions to connect and expand your deployment is even easier with the Marketplace. Find out more about these tools today by visiting the Kofax Marketplace.

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