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The AI-mazing Race to Automation and the Elephants in the Room

Kofax’s Vision for Generative AI and Beyond

This thought piece contains predictions, estimates or other information that may be considered forward-looking which are subject to risks and uncertainties and assumptions which could cause Kofax’s actual results to differ materially. This blog is not a commitment by Kofax to deliver any material, code, or functionality, but rather the development, release, and timing of such material, code, or functionality remains at the sole discretion of Kofax. Customers purchasing Kofax’s products and services should make such purchase decisions based upon the features of such products and services that are currently available.

Let’s address the first elephant in the room: AI did not write this blog. This seems to be the recent gag du jour in the industry where unsuspecting readers consume an insightful piece on the future of tech only to find out in the last line that, “ChatGPT wrote this.” Not here. Not today.

No, this will be an unbiased view of the exciting possibilities, benefits, hurdles, and obvious concerns – those elephants in the room – related to the fast-accelerating world of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM) and how Kofax plans to empower users of our products with this incredible technology.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ll look back on late-2022 as the moment when we realized much of what’s been fantasized about in science fiction for decades has arrived. LLMs and Generative AI ushered in a new era of how we work, think, and produce. As of February 2023, GitHub stated that their AI-powered developer assistant, Copilot, is behind an average of 46% of a developers’ code across all programming languages! But like any emerging technology, we’re still near the starting line of this marathon and no one can predict with absolute certainty where this will all lead. And with such excitement and anticipation, naturally comes concerns and trepidation – and with powerful technology like this, iterating as quickly as it is, most of us understand why.

“Generative AI will replace most workers.” “The security concerns are too great for any company to use this stuff – it’s just a toy for the nerdiest of the nerds.” I heard this type of rhetoric fifteen years ago as cloud computing advanced to the point where it offered companies flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. “No major company in their right mind will EVER put their data into the cloud,” was common at cocktail parties – at least the weird cocktail parties I attended anyway. And here we are today. So, although the Generative AI hype cycle is in its infancy, the benefits are so immense that we’ll look back fifteen years from now as we sip our ChatGPT-version-45-inpired drink recipe and think, “How could I have been so naïve?”

Second elephant: There are very real security concerns, chances for misinformation, and the very real possibility that the most powerful technology in the world is controlled by a small few.

Let’s address this elephant…

Far be it for me to predict where this will all be in a decade; based on the acceleration of innovation the past few months, it’s difficult to know where we’ll be by Wednesday. So, for now, let’s talk about how Kofax will use this technology in the near future – safely and securely – to empower workers, making them more productive, not replace them. To empower users, providing them with the guidance they crave, automating their world. To empower workers with data and insights they need to get their jobs done without technology getting in the way.


Before we can automate, we must create the automations. Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) will use Generative AI to empower the newest breed of citizen developers to create more in less time –with natural language. It will help them get started, navigate the low-code platform, and suggest what to automate. Just tell KTA what you need, and it does the rest: process, data models, user interface forms, and document extraction models – within seconds. For professional developers, Generative AI will take this further by assisting with the above plus test case creation, data model optimization, change impact analysis, and more.

Kofax TotalAgility GPT-Powered Assistant

And gone are the days of lengthy training courses and videos – of having to slog through pages of documentation. An omnipresent assistant will be available to guide, create, learn, and modify whenever you need it.


Kofax is the undisputed leader in Intelligent Document Processing, extracting data from over 5,000,000,000 documents per year, saving the world’s leading organizations time while normalizing a plethora of information on which to make decisions. Thus, Kofax is uniquely positioned to exploit Generative AI to provide actionable insights into that data for workers through summarization, categorization, intent analysis, anomaly detection, and ad-hoc querying. And being an Intelligent Automation platform at heart, TotalAgility is specifically built to act on the insights through workflow automation, RPA, and more.

The final elephant in the room (or at least that we can see now): This is all moving fast, and we are just getting started. We understand the balance of trepidation and excitement. We understand that powerful technologies require thoughtful planning and ethical use. But we also know that people want to be released from the shackles of code and the confusion that piles of data can bring. If this technology can help make 74% of employees feel like they’re focused on more satisfying work, I can get behind that. So, we will continue to do what we’ve always done: build on our legacy of using powerful AI technologies to empower developers, users, and workers alike.

As a technologist, I'm excited for what the next phase of this journey looks like, elephants and all.

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