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Applying DevOps and CI/CD to your Kofax Intelligent Automation initiatives to strengthen your Hyperautomation journey.

In the fast-paced world of business, organizations are constantly searching for ways to optimize operations, drive digital transformation, and boost productivity. Kofax, a leader in Intelligent Automation, is at the forefront of this revolution. Discover how Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), DevOps, and deployment pipelines can empower your organization to unlock the full potential of Kofax's cutting-edge platforms.

Revolutionizing Intelligent Automation: The Power of CI/CD, DevOps, and Deployment Pipelines

Understanding CI/CD and DevOps

Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous Integration (CI) plays a crucial role in software development, offering numerous benefits and driving the success of development teams and projects.

CI is vital in software development due to its ability to detect defects early, promote collaboration, maintain quality, accelerate time to value, build confidence, and facilitate seamless integration with CD and DevOps. By adopting CI practices, teams can significantly improve their efficiency, quality, and overall project success.

Kofax recognizes the importance of Continuous Integration (CI) in working with our platforms and solutions. Kofax technology empowers its users to leverage CI to ensure the seamless integration of changes and facilitate collaboration across development teams in several ways:

  1. Version Control and Code Repositories: The Kofax Intelligent Automation platform (incl. Kofax TotalAgility) utilizes robust version control systems and can connect to code repositories, such as Git, to manage code changes effectively.
  2. Integration with Low-Code and Professional Designer environments: Kofax integrates CI into its development tools (like the TotalAgility Apps, TotalAgility Designer, and RPA Design Studio), and infrastructure to streamline the design process. Development teams have access to a wide range of tools, including the mentioned design environments, automation tools, and continuous integration servers. These tools work together to automate the various stages of the CI workflow, from code compilation to testing and deployment.
  3. Collaboration and Communication Channels: The Kofax Intelligent Automation platform promotes collaboration and communication across teams through CI practices. Teams can easily share their reusable assets, track progress, and coordinate efforts through shared development environments and collaboration platforms. This collaborative environment fosters reusability, problem-solving, and efficient collaboration, enabling teams to work together seamlessly.
  4. Continuous Deployment and DevOps Integration: The Kofax Intelligent Automation platform extends the benefits of CI by integrating it with Continuous Deployment (CD) and DevOps practices. Once changes pass the tests, they can be seamlessly deployed to different environments, ensuring that the latest enhancements are readily available to the business. This integration aligns with DevOps principles, promoting cross-functional collaboration, automation, and efficient software delivery.

By leveraging CI in these ways, the Kofax Intelligent Automation platform ensures that changes are seamlessly integrated, thoroughly tested, and validated throughout the development process. This approach enhances reusability, quality, accelerates time to market, fosters collaboration, and enables Kofax users to deliver reliable and innovative solutions to their users.

Continuous Deployment (CD)

Continuous Deployment (CD) plays a pivotal role in enabling the rapid and automated delivery of software updates and enhancements. CD streamlines the software release process, reducing manual effort, and accelerating the time it takes to deliver changes to users. CD enables organizations to deliver software updates and enhancements rapidly and with minimal manual intervention. It ensures that validated changes are automatically deployed to various environments, reducing the time to market, and increasing the speed of innovation. CD also improves the overall quality and reliability of software releases by automating testing, reducing human errors, and providing the ability to roll back or roll forward when necessary.

The Kofax Intelligent Automation platform demonstrates a strong commitment to continuous deployment, enabling our users to achieve quicker innovation cycles, improved customer experiences, and faster time to market. Here are some ways Kofax exemplifies this commitment:

  1. Agile Development Practices: The Kofax Intelligent Automation empowers agile development methodologies, embracing principles such as reusability, iterative development, continuous feedback, and collaboration. This approach allows our users to quickly respond to customer needs, adapt to changing market demands, and continuously enhance their solutions.
  2. Continuous Integration and Testing: The Kofax Intelligent Automation platform emphasizes continuous integration and testing as integral parts of building solutions based on our platform. This practice helps identify issues early, reduces the risk of regressions, and maintains a high level of quality.
  3. Automated Deployment Pipelines: The Kofax Intelligent Automation platform fits your automated deployment pipelines to streamline the solution release process. These pipelines automate the steps involved in packaging, deploying, and configuring solutions across various environments. By automating these processes, the Kofax Intelligent Automation platform reduces the manual effort required for deployments, minimizes human errors, and achieves consistent and reliable releases.
  4. DevOps Collaboration: The Kofax Intelligent Automation platform promotes a culture of collaboration between delivery, operations, and other stakeholders. The DevOps approach ensures smooth coordination and alignment between different teams involved in the delivery process. By fostering collaboration, the Kofax Intelligent Automation platform accelerates the feedback loop, resolves issues quickly, and optimizes the overall delivery process.
  5. Rollback and Roll-forward Capabilities: Kofax acknowledges the importance of maintaining system stability and minimizing downtime. In case of issues or emergencies, The Kofax Intelligent Automation platform’s continuous deployment approach incorporates rollback and roll-forward capabilities. These capabilities allow The Kofax Intelligent Automation platform to swiftly revert to a known working state or apply subsequent validated changes to address issues and enhance the software solution.
  6. Customer-Centric Approach: The Kofax Intelligent Automation platform allows its users to place a strong emphasis on delivering value to their organizations. By embracing continuous deployment practices, they can release new features, enhancements, and fixes more frequently. This approach ensures that their organizations have access to the latest innovations and improvements, resulting in an enhanced customer experience and satisfaction.
  7. Faster Time to Market: Kofax's commitment to continuous deployment significantly reduces the time it takes organizations to deliver updates and enhancements on the Kofax Intelligent Automation platform. By automating the deployment process, minimizing manual handoffs, and leveraging continuous feedback, they can accelerate time to market. This allows them to benefit from the latest advancements, gain a competitive edge, and achieve faster return on investment.

Kofax's commitment to continuous deployment is evident through integrating agile practices, continuous integration, automated deployment pipelines, DevOps collaboration, rollback and roll-forward capabilities, and a customer-centric approach. By prioritizing these principles and practices, the Kofax Intelligent Automation platform ensures quicker innovation cycles, improved customer experiences, and faster time to market, solidifying their customers as leaders in their industry/p>

Kofax: Leading the Way in Intelligent Automation and Hyperautomation

Intelligent Automation:

Kofax's Intelligent Automation platform is a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes business-critical processes through a combination of Intelligent Document Processing, Process Orchestration, AI, Advanced Analytics, Communications Management, BPM, Workflow, RPA, machine learning, and cognitive capabilities. This powerful integration enables organizations to automate complex processes, extract valuable insights from unstructured data, and achieve significant operational efficiency gains. Here are some real-world use cases and success stories that exemplify the transformative impact of Kofax's solutions:

  1. Streamlining Invoice Processing: Kofax's Intelligent Automation platform has transformed invoice processing for organizations. By leveraging Intelligent Document Processing and machine learning, Kofax enables the automatic extraction of invoice data, validation against business rules, and intelligent routing for approvals. This automation significantly reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, accelerates processing times, and improves overall efficiency.
  2. Automating Loan Origination: Kofax's platform has revolutionized the loan origination process for financial institutions. By combining Process Orchestration, AI, and machine learning, Kofax automates the end-to-end loan application process, including data extraction from various documents, risk assessment, credit scoring, and compliance checks. This automation enhances operational efficiency, reduces manual errors, and accelerates loan approvals, enabling financial institutions to provide faster and more efficient services to their customers.
  3. Enhancing Customer Communications: Kofax's Intelligent Automation platform enables organizations to automate and optimize customer communications across multiple channels. By integrating Communications Management, BPM, Workflow, and RPA capabilities, Kofax enables personalized and consistent customer communications, such as account statements, notifications, and correspondence. This automation improves customer experience, reduces operational costs, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4. Improving Claims Processing in Insurance: Kofax's platform has transformed claims processing for insurance companies. By leveraging Intelligent Document Processing, AI, and machine learning, Kofax automates the extraction and validation of claim information from various documents, such as medical records and policy documents. This automation accelerates claims processing, reduces manual errors, improves accuracy, and enhances customer satisfaction by enabling faster claims settlements.
  5. Optimizing Supply Chain Operations: Kofax's Intelligent Automation platform helps organizations optimize supply chain operations by automating processes such as purchase order management, inventory tracking, and supplier communications. By combining Advanced Analytics, Process Orchestration, and RPA capabilities, Kofax enables real-time visibility into supply chain activities, streamlines processes, reduces costs, and improves overall efficiency.

These real-world use cases and success stories demonstrate the transformative impact of Kofax's Intelligent Automation platform. By leveraging Intelligent Document Processing, Process Orchestration, AI, Advanced Analytics, Communications Management, BPM, Workflow, RPA, machine learning, and cognitive capabilities, organizations can achieve significant operational efficiencies, reduce manual errors, accelerate processes, enhance customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

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