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Streamline Healthcare Record Keeping with Kofax Capture

Document management is one of the most challenging aspects of the healthcare industry—and one of the easiest workflows to overlook. There are no glamorous prime-time TV shows about hospital records clerks. Yet, in every area of this industry, from hospitals and private practices to pharmacists and insurers, documents play a key role in facilitating everyone's work. Today, cutting-edge software such as Kofax Capture is a valuable asset in this area. Why?

Poor document management can lead to many consequences, not to mention less desirable experiences for patients and their families. Collecting and routing paperwork to the proper destination involves many critical tasks: logging a patient's vitals, tracking procedures, ordering tests, and billing, to name just a few. The result is a flurry of papers that can total tens of thousands of pages in hundreds of document types just for one organization.

Now add the need to keep this data secure while making it available across multiple computer systems. What problems should healthcare organizations seek to address today, and how can you recognize a solution? The task can seem overwhelming. However, with tools such as Kofax Capture, you can build an environment where a fully-integrated document solution makes daily work faster and easier.

Challenges Healthcare Users Face in Document Capture & Storage

Whether your organization serves only a small community or handles hundreds or even thousands of patients a year, everyone faces some of the same problems. When handling documents in various formats and arriving in many ways, you will likely encounter some or all these common pain points.

  • Problems with tracking and handling documents from multiple sources.
  • Documents that differ in layout, format and information.
  • Privacy and security regulations demand hardened workflows.
  • Human errors can cost money, waste time, and lead to additional errors.
  • Poor visibility over document data and shaky integration between applications.

Although sometimes complex, these problems aren't insurmountable. With the right tools and technology, you can address each one in turn.

How Kofax Capture Changes the Game for Healthcare

Designed from the ground up to provide business users in sectors such as healthcare with advanced tools for managing documents, Kofax Capture combines several key features. These capabilities provide users with a highly flexible platform for fine-tuning rules and workflows to suit any organization's specific needs. What are these features?

  • Scan and index files on one integrated platform. With Kofax, every scanner instantly links your document management systems.
  • Unify all capture channels under one roof and apply the same rules and security protocols to all documents.
  • Capture documents from scanners, networked folders, mobile or web apps, emails, faxes and more.
  • Leverage Kofax Transformation, a built-in intelligent document recognition service that uses cognitive capture technology to recognize documents by type. Receive, classify and pre-process documents for storage in your systems.
  • Integrate with various enterprise applications from leading developers like Microsoft, IBM and Oracle.
  • Extract and transfer information from documents into your business systems.

Not just feature-rich but also highly modular, organizations can configure this platform to suit their needs at any scale level.

The Benefits of Better Capture Software

It's easy to consider the advantages you might be able to leverage based on the features built in to Kofax Capture, but let's spell it out. How does the software's feature set translate into record-keeping made easy in reality? Understanding the benefits you can bring to your organization and those who work within it can illuminate the value of a potential investment. Here's what you can expect:

  • Reduce friction in critical business processes and reduce the time it takes for important data to reach your systems. Enable better out-comes by putting the correct information at the fingertips of the appropriate individuals.
  • Improve the quality of captured documents and enjoy simpler processing to make your data more valuable.
  • Enforce security equally across all document capture channels and maintain compliance with data and patient record privacy laws.
  • Reduce problems and costs associated with human errors due to manual document entry into computer systems. Enjoy the reliability and consistency of intelligent document systems.
  • Free up valuable work time for other tasks, including more patient-facing time. Reduce hours spent on document workflows by skilled employees.

Capture enables organizations to operate swiftly and securely from a document's point of origin to its ultimate destination.

Extending Your Investment with the Kofax Marketplace

We strive to create a digital environment that is highly integrated and positioned to leverage the power of today's cutting-edge intelligent automation tools. To support our customers in creating the digital environment that works best for them, we offer the Kofax Marketplace. In the Market-place, you can find additional free connectors and assets for Kofax Capture that include functionality such as:

  • Export received documents for email distribution. Take scanned documents of a particular type or origin and automatically distribute copies by email to relevant parties.
  • Export documents from an ERP to SAP. Integrate your Kofax work-flows with a custom SAP deployment.
  • Assess document quality automatically. Determine whether quality meets your standards and flag poor quality submissions for review or re-submission.
  • Incorporate redaction directly into document capture workflows.
  • Integrate a chatbot into insurance claims processing with Capture support for documents.

These and many other assets are available for download today on the Marketplace, with new arrivals offering even more opportunities to integrate and improve your workflows.

Take the First Steps Towards a Better Way to Work

Preventing errors, increasing the speed of workflows and keeping your organization compliant with privacy laws are all possible with your investment in advanced software. Add in the capabilities and extensions you can find within the Marketplace, and it becomes easy to customize a deployment that makes the most sense for your business.

With robust integration into other products and platforms, you can intelligently automate this process for important gains. Discover more about implementing a better document capture and management method with Kofax Capture today.

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