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How to Split Insurance Documents into Single PDF Pages in Max OS

For the average user, the PDF is a straightforward file format that's useful for displaying documents consistently. Without a PDF editor, it's only possible to view a PDF or fill out forms—not make changes. It's a misconception that users cannot easily manipulate PDF files, however. For small business users, tools to handle these tasks are must-haves—especially within the insurance sector.

When you receive large PDF documents with individual pages that you'd like to use for other purposes, how can you break them apart into useful chunks? You don't need to convert a PDF and extract each page one by one. Instead, you can easily split pages into separate files.

What do you need to know about how to split a PDF document? With powerful and easy-to-use software such as Kofax Power PDF, handling digital document workflows on your Mac takes no time at all. Let's explore what you need to know.

5 Simple Steps to Split a PDF on Mac

A fully featured PDF creator and editor, Power PDF offers your business opportunities to streamline many tasks in the back office and avoid common slowdowns that can impede your day-to-day.

When you equip yourself and key employees with this tool, learning how to split PDF pages in Mac OS 10.13 to 11 into separate documents is simple. In fact, it only takes five steps:

  1. Launch Power PDF on your Mac and look for the Home ribbon. Find "Tools" and select the "Split" command. A dialog box will open.
  2. Open the PDF. Tell Power PDF to split the document that you have open in the program or click "Selected Document" to navigate to a file on your hard drive.
  3. In the new Split Mode dialog box, look for "Split by pages _ pages as a document," and enter "1" into the blank space. This number tells Power PDF to create a new file based on each single page in the document.
  4. Click OK, then select the folder where you want to save the new files.
  5. Press OK again. Power PDF automatically creates multiple files to capture each consecutive page.

Equip Your Mac with Software Built for Business Users Today

In seconds, you'll have the digital documents that you need for the next steps in your insurance office's workflows. With Power PDF, you can also re-combine pages as you need to, or you can use a convenient drag and drop assembly utility to create new PDFs according to the needs of your project. Whether you want to separate PDF pages, create secure documents, or send paperwork for a digital signature, you can do it all in one application on your Mac.

Download and explore a free trial version of Power PDF today and take 15 days to evaluate the software to see how it could slot in with your business procedures. With advanced features and optional software support over the long-term, Power PDF could be just what you need to Work Like Tomorrow.

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