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SignDoc vs. Hellosign: How Do These Solutions Stack Up?

Esignature solutions are a must-have for businesses today. Otherwise, they risk being left behind in a rush toward more integrated and automated workflows. However, not all solutions are the same—and making the proper selection is an important step. You don't want to invest in a system that doesn’t yield the level of functionality or reliability that your teams need. How can you pick the solution that will best suit your needs in a crowded digital document signing space?

A head-to-head comparison can help. By looking directly at Kofax SignDoc vs HelloSign, it's easier to see where one solution wins on features, functionality, and simplicity of use. Let's start by taking a quick look at some of the facts you should know about HelloSign.

What Does HelloSign Bring to the Table?

HelloSign, a subsidiary of data storage company Dropbox, has many broadly standard features in this space. Some of the features they choose to highlight include:

  • An unlimited number of signature requests per month.
  • Document templates for streamlined signing.
  • Audit trails for time-stamped document histories and easier compliance.
  • 2-factor authentication and 256-bit AES encryption. These industry-standard security features, also found in SignDoc, ensure your signing workflows remain highly secure and verifiable.

However, HelloSign locks several additional features behind software tiers. With three separate editions, some users may not have the functionality others do.

How SignDoc Offers Superior Solutions for Signature Workflows

Although HelloSign has many features, advanced functions necessary for modern business users—such as the ability to sign anywhere and on any device, remote or in-person—can be out of reach with the wrong version. With SignDoc, users have no such problems. The entire advanced feature set, which goes above and beyond HelloSign's capabilities, is available all at once when you make a purchase. There's no need to assess which tier you should buy when you can immediately unlock everything you need.

Beyond the convenience of eliminating tiered pricing and feature sets, SignDoc also excels beyond HelloSign in several other ways:

  • While HelloSign provides opportunities for sending reminders, SignDoc already has a functional reminder system that extends into mobile environments. Keep Android and iOS users up to date on signing tasks with ease.
  • SignDoc contains GlobalSign integration that HelloSign lacks. Combined with integration into Kofax Power PDF, this support for the Adobe Approved Trust List certificate authority makes it easy to see when the appropriate parties securely sign documents.
  • Where HelloSign contains support for 22 languages, SignDoc opens the door for even more extensible support. With custom language support, end users can add any language necessary and apply it to audit trail data.

From cost-effectiveness and ease of use to widespread integration with automation technology, SignDoc represents an excellent choice for enterprises today.

Acquire an Integrated Signing Solution Today

Why struggle to determine which software package has the precise set of features you need to build effective digital signature workflows? When it comes to SignDoc vs. HelloSign, the victor is clear. SignDoc delivers more accessible features in a cost-effective package ready to integrate with additional systems right out of the box.

In a business environment where digital transformation has become the essential element for remaining competitive, embracing new and better tools today is the key to winning tomorrow. With SignDoc and other innovative Kofax products working in concert, you and your teams can enjoy faster results in a software environment built with your needs in mind. Discover more about what SignDoc can add to your company’s abilities today.