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SignDoc and Power PDF 4 Integration Makes Adding Digital Signatures Easy

Among the tools a business has at its disposal, the signature might be one of the most powerful. With a few pen strokes, it is possible to complete business transactions, finalize contracts, and make agreements for the future. Whether you need to provide a signature or you need to receive one from a third party, the process of executing paperwork with personal approval is vital. Important as it may be, signing paperwork is a process that is also often plagued by bottlenecks and slowdowns. How many times has your staff spent days or even weeks waiting for a signature to come back?

Digital signatures change the game and restore speed to this process with a more modern approach to traditionally paper-based workflows. With integrated tools such as Kofax Power PDF and SignDoc, adding electronic signatures to documents and instantly notifying your recipient is easy. Why take the time to invest in this technology, and how does it work?

Why Use Digital Signatures?

Electronic signatures involve more than simply typing your name onto a document and calling it a day. If that were all it was, it would be no surprise if there was zero trust in the system! Ultimately, when we say "electronic signatures," we mean two separate but related technologies.

The first involves all-digital document transactions. You might send or receive a PDF file of an important contract that needs a signature. Using integrated software that includes built-in digital security certificates, you can affix your signature to the document with cryptographic proof that it was indeed you who signed the document.

The second scenario involves capturing signatures "in the field" through electronic means, such as tablet devices. This signing might happen at the point of sale, upon delivery of a product, or in any number of other situations. Both are important for the modern business due to their time-saving nature and inherent reliability.

How SignDoc Creates Trustworthy, Binding Signatures

Gathering binding signatures with Kofax SignDoc is simple and aids in cutting the high costs associated with paper-based processes. Compatible in any browser and with many mobile devices, SignDoc supports both methods of electronic signature gathering. SignDoc supports biometric information — signatures collected on a touch screen — alongside certificate-based security. SignDoc also supports third-party security certificates for those who desire an additional layer of authenticity and security for very sensitive documents.

A customizable signature workflow ensures that the software works for your business no matter your sector. Built-in tools enable notification of those who need to sign documents, while a quick reporting function lets you see at a glance which documents still need signatures. Following up is fast and easy. Combined with integration into Power PDF, it is easy to create digital contracts and other documents with signature-ready fields, too.

Using Power PDF 4 to Create Digital Signatures

As a potent document creator and editor, Power PDF has an important role to play in electronic signatures, too. SignDoc integration allows you to instantly add one of your own saved, handwritten signatures, making documents look more official than merely having your name printed. SignDoc's integration ensures that this signature includes all the necessary security certificates to prove that no alterations took place after you signed.

It is also easy to send a document out for a digital signature using Power PDF. When you do not even need to launch your email program or a web browser to share a document for signing, your teams save even more time. From crafting contracts and placing signature fields to validating signatures upon receipt, Power PDF and SignDoc are an ideal combination.

Find a Cost-Effective Option for Document Management Today

When your office can instantly send documents out for signatures and receive in return a binding document with an unbroken chain of custody, many tasks become faster. While adopting new document tools such as Power PDF may not initially seem like a choice that could transform your approach to doing business, integration with SignDoc allows for overhauling traditionally tedious processes. With a cost-effective perpetual licensing option and an array of other features to enable companies to Work Like Tomorrow, Power PDF can play an essential role from document creation to signature gathering and final filing. Find out more today.