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Implementing Secure Document Capture Solutions With Kofax Capture

“Security” and “compliance” shouldn’t be terms that exist in a vague space for your business. Today, there are more risks facing organizations of all sizes than at any point in the past. Personally identifiable information is a valuable commodity in digital black markets, and legislation to protect such data continues to expand and grow stronger. Today’s document capture solutions must take these factors into account in recognition of the heavy burden organizations face today.

Streamlining and automating your capture processes is crucial from a business productivity perspective. However, you must be sure you place a focus on securing those processes in the process. It’s a necessity if you wish to protect against prying eyes and regulatory pitfalls alike. With an advanced cognitive document automation (CDA) platform such as Kofax Capture, you can protect your company while embracing the future of work.

The Value of Good Security Today is Immense

Investing in solutions that facilitate better privacy protections and control over your data is one whose potential ROI is immense. Why? Because the fines and costs of non-compliance can be even more massive. The average data breach can cost a business almost $4 million to mitigate. Failing to comply with data privacy regulations could mean millions in fines, too—to say nothing of the millions more in lost productivity and process disruption. These are costs most companies simply can’t afford to face, and the costs of compliance are often much lower than paying the price for non-compliance.

Why Should Security Begin at the Point of Capture?

Document ingestion is a process that’s ripe for automation through the combination of AI/ML-powered document capture software, OCR, and RPA. It is also the perfect time for initial security processes to take place. Why scan and then manually redact a document when you could have the computer handle the process for you? Likewise, manually applying unique elements or security levels is a time-consuming task that’s best left to software robots.

Document capture is also a time when the risk of internal non-compliance is high. Unauthorized individuals should not handle sensitive information at any stage, even incidentally. Applying security as early as possible is ideal—and Kofax Capture puts this workflow within reach.

A Quick Overview of What Kofax Capture Offers

Integrating deeply with the vast majority of enterprise record channels, Kofax Capture delivers AI-powered intelligent document solutions from the outset. Process and classify unstructured and structured pages at any volume, whether it’s ten pages or ten thousand. Easily ingest documents even from mobile solutions, enterprise MFDs, and much more. Highly configurable and capable of doing even more with pre-built solutions available in the online Kofax Marketplace, Capture delivers robust capabilities to support the needs of even large enterprises.

Consider some core elements of Capture that help you improve document security.

Define Business Rules That Secure Documents Immediately

Capture provides a robust set of tools for defining the rules that govern how documents move through your systems following the initial capture interaction. For example, you can ensure that the system only releases documents to the next stage of a workflow once ideal conditions exist.

Similarly, you can define rule sets that govern when and what kinds of security protections a document receives. AI capabilities “learn” about your documents and grow even more familiar with them over time. With this learning capacity, you can ultimately reach a place where Capture “knows” what security protocols each kind of document requires. In areas with data regulations such as the GDPR, proper handling of information from even this early stage contributes to greater peace of mind about compliance.

Automatically Watermark Documents or Apply Bates Numbering

Through integration with other Kofax platform tools, you can transform the documents you capture across your organization. For example, you may need to affix a watermark to many records to identify them as originating in your organization. In the legal sector, unique indexing solutions such as Bates numbering help identify and classify documents that may need strict handling controls. Efforts such as these are easy to automate through Capture, saving hours of manual work and eliminating the potential for costly errors.

Keep a Clear View of the Chain of Custody

Knowing who handles documents and where they go in your organization is critical. You lay the groundwork for a verifiable audit trail in the event you may need it with Capture’s security procedures. By centralizing ingestion in Capture, you enjoy broader visibility into how your organization handles documents while also being able to prove your due diligence.

Extending the Secure Capabilities of Kofax Capture Using the Marketplace

The Kofax Marketplace features solutions designed by experts to support business users trying to automate specific tasks. Many solutions are ready to deploy as soon as you acquire them, while you can customize others to suit your organization. You can find more utilities for Capture here to provide even greater functionality, such as:

  • Automated redaction. Classify and identify common sensitive data formats, such as Social Security numbers, and apply redactions upon ingestion. Easily comply with regulations to keep private information private.
  • Automated seal or signature recognition. In regions where seals help verify document authenticity, recognizing and classifying them during scanning is essential to understanding the reliability of ingested documents.
  • Automatically create PDFs from scanned documents, then configure other Kofax solutions to apply additional security (such as encryption) to documents.

Combined with Capture’s robust rules-based system for releasing and routing documents, you can exert much more control over your data in an increasingly challenging compliance environment.

Evaluate Your Existing Security Setup Today

Is your business prepared to operate compliantly and entirely safe? It’s a big question with answers that stretch across entire organizations. When you include security from the word “go” in basic processes such as document capture, you set the stage for safer, more secure operations further downstream. Simplify and speed up your workflows without sacrificing security when you choose powerful and extendable document capture solutions such as Kofax Capture.

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