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Save Time and Money With Cloud Printing Solutions

How much money could cloud printing save in your business? When searching for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency, many companies look at “big picture” expenses. However, you can often find savings and process improvement opportunities by rethinking how you handle some of your company’s most fundamental work. Printing is an excellent example.

Every business faces the need to produce hard copies of digital documents. In large organizations trying to work at scale, that often means an array of expensive hardware, including print servers, alongside service fees, maintenance concerns and more. Now, add in a persistent remote workforce, and the challenges and costs of administration escalate even further.

With solutions from Printix, a Kofax company, you can enjoy a rapid transition to the cloud that reveals impressive savings quickly. Why make the switch to Printix?

Say Goodbye to Print Servers

Print servers are more often a burden than they are an asset that enables productive work every day. Servers require frequent administrative work and may not always prove as reliable as you’d like. When printers go down in the middle of a workday, it can seriously drain efficiency. Poorly maintained servers also pose a security risk.

Printix lets you bypass the headaches of print server administration and money paid out in fees for third-party support. With an entirely cloud-managed solution, you can leave print servers behind while gaining the flexibility needed for today’s hybrid workplaces. Right away, you can start seeing cost savings.

Reduce Administrative Burdens on It Teams

How much does your business spend on time dedicated by IT to repair or maintain on-premises printing systems? Troubleshooting printing problems might be necessary, but it’s also mundane. It’s not the best use of time for your skilled employees. Over time, a narrow focus on maintaining aging print server architectures can drive up IT costs without any comparable improvement in productivity.

With Printix, administration is far simpler. Silent updates ensure you consistently have the most up-to-date versions required across your network. A purpose-built console centralizes printer management and user administration into one easy-to-use system. Even managing remote workers and monitoring what they print is simple with Printix.

Explore the Benefits of a Switch to Cloud Printing

Printix streamlines print management across even complex networks of MFDs, but it can support capture solutions, too. With workflow tools, such as Beconex Printix, you can automate the placement of scanned documents into the appropriate network folder for additional work. Printix supports effective document capture and routing from printers and mobile devices, saving time and money.

You can also use this software to support other cloud transitions. In the Kofax Marketplace, users can explore additional solutions for extending the value of their investment. For SAP users, integration with Printix allows for the same serverless printing solution, enabling a broader migration of vital services to the cloud.

Ultimately, using Printix could generate 50% or more cost savings compared to your traditional server-based printing setup. When you can rapidly deploy a flexible cloud solution that improves functionality while decreasing costs, you better position your business for success.

Find Out More Today

Cloud printing has much to offer today’s businesses, whether your company is in a growth stage or you already operate at scale. You can achieve reliable cost savings without sacrificing functionality by eliminating local hardware requirements and streamlining administrative tasks. In fact, with a well-configured Printix deployment, you’ll enjoy greater flexibility and productivity, too. Start exploring a free trial version for one month today.

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