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Protecting Your Images With PDF

Sharing information with others is a normal part of business, from communication between different teams to clients and even other companies. However, sometimes you will need to take additional steps to protect this information from misuse or abuse. For example, consider a business that provides a mock-up of a brand-new graphic design for a client. How can you be sure that the client isn't going to take the design right then to begin using it without paying?

This might be an extreme example, but it illustrates how there can be many situations where you may need to exercise control over content after it’s out of your hands. When you convert a JPG to a PDF, you immediately add another protection layer. Without the right software, such as Kofax Power PDF, extracting the image without a quality loss will be difficult.

However, adding images to a PDF file is not enough to protect them fully. What else can you do? From tinkering with the specific security settings of a PDF to marking content, so everyone knows where it came from, Power PDF gives you several options. Let's look at how you can better safeguard your intellectual property and image files in any scenario.

Using Security Settings to Protect Images in a PDF

There is one simple option you can choose when you want to restrict editing of your PDF and offer some protection to your images. This involves setting a password that other users will need to enter if they wish to make any changes. This can even include restricting PDF printing to those with the password. If your document contains form fields that you also want to restrict, you can additionally "flatten" the document. Check out our step-by-step instructions for these solutions to learn more.

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Adding a Watermark as an Anti-Copying Method

While using security settings can be effective, it may not provide the guarantee you want. Requiring a password to edit the PDF still won't prevent screenshots. Instead, you can choose to add a custom watermark to entire PDF pages or specific images within the document. Power PDF makes it simple to add text-only watermarks, image watermarks (such as the business logo), or a composite watermark that uses both.

Watermarking your document ensures that even a screenshot of the file will still bear proof that the content originated from your business. See how simple it is to accomplish this process on both the PC and Mac versions of Power PDF.

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Enjoy Easy Access to Extended Functionality Today

Through robust watermarking tools and flexible security settings, you can better safeguard your data when you convert JPG to PDF. However, these tools are just the tip of the iceberg. Power PDF features a deep and rich set of features built for business use—and it's highly cost-effective for even SMBs to consider.

PDF is a ubiquitous part of doing business today, and your teams need tools to work with them. Start exploring the difference the proper software can make today. Try a free 15-day trial of Power PDF and discover the simplicity of better security.

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