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Protect Your Digital Assets from Malicious Actors

Malware, ransomware, phishing, hacking—the list of digital threats facing businesses only gets longer over time. More than ever, a strong position on cybersecurity is essential for protecting sensitive and valuable information from unauthorized access. From keeping hospital records secure to safeguarding trade secrets and protecting legally privileged information, document safety is an essential consideration in the modern office.

Security is no longer as simple as locking files away in a hidden cabinet. With much of today's work occurring online and with remote workers, most sensitive information is not in hard copy but in a digital format. To succeed at protecting your assets from bad actors, your business must assess the risks, develop new policies, and acquire the tools for implementation.

With software such as Kofax Power PDF, locking down your data is easy.

Locking Down Documents with Power PDF

Keeping sensitive files in a separate and secure system is one method that your business can use to be safer. However, you should go a step further. Using password-based encryption and access permissions in your PDF software can keep unauthorized users out, so even if they acquire a file, it will be useless to them.

Here's how to add a password to a document with Power PDF on PC or Mac:

  1. Use Power PDF to open the document that you need to protect.
  2. Select the Security tab.
  3. Click the "Manage Security" icon followed by "Modify."
  4. Choose "Password Security" from the Security Method dropdown.
  5. Check the box to require a password for opening. Set a strong password.
  6. Set permissions passwords—for example, you can require a password to edit the PDF.
  7. Press OK, then Save your document to apply the changes immediately.

Securely Authorize Documents with Cryptographically-Linked eSignatures

Keeping your information safe should extend beyond securing documents from unauthorized access. With Power PDF, you can also quickly and easily adopt electronic signature solutions.

This technology is more than just a streamlined way to sign essential papers or collect signatures from clients and others, although it does have many time-saving benefits. Electronic signatures contain hidden digital information that validates the authenticity of a signed document and ensures that it is free from tampering.

With Power PDF, validating a signature is quick and easy. When you combine this technology with passwords and other encryption tools, you can share documents safely.

Protecting Your Business Is Always a Cost-Effective Investment

Despite its importance, businesses often neglect cybersecurity, in part because of the expense that stakeholders believe comes with stronger security. Consider the cost of a data breach, however, and it quickly becomes clear that better security is worth the investment.

For protecting document data, an investment doesn't have to overwhelm your budget. Power PDF's cost-effective perpetual licensing options make it easy for businesses of any size to acquire this technology.

Evaluate how your business protects its digital assets today, and learn how adding Power PDF to your business’s arsenal could help you achieve your goals. Request a quote now.

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