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Power PDF Wins a G2 Best Office Product Award

When users have an immense amount of software choice, finding the correct tools that best enable productive work and effective outcomes takes more than choosing the first option. Today, many businesses and even individual users engage in extensive pre-purchase research to ensure that their investments pay off in terms of ease of use, reliability and feature availability. Reviews from verified buyers and users of the software can therefore play a vital role in a user’s buying journey — and the website set out to let business users carry out reliable research.

G2 recently announced its annual list of the best office productivity software based on user reviews and other factors. Kofax Power PDF won placement on the 2022 Top 50 Best Office Products list alongside products from other prestigious developers, including Microsoft and Google. What warranted the inclusion of PDF software in the running for the G2 Best Office Product Award and what set Power PDF apart from the crowd?

Why Having a Powerful PDF Editor Matters

A reliable PDF editor is not optional software anymore — it is virtually a requirement. There is a staggering number of PDF files in use worldwide and the average business user probably encounters numerous such documents daily. So ensure you have access to such tools on both PC and Mac platforms.

  • The PDF is the ideal digital document format for storage and sharing and it has a critical role to play in the transition towards more eco-friendly “paperless” office environments.
  • The PDF supports robust encryption and security alongside secure digital signing technology, making it an essential tool in high-risk environments.
  • The right software makes it easy to convert to and from PDF so you can easily access your data in the most convenient format for the task at hand.

What Makes Power PDF an Award-Winner

G2 selects the winners of its awards by looking at what the software brings to the table and, more importantly, what users have to say about the product. What are some of the biggest reasons users say they love Power PDF on G2?

  • The user-friendly menu is always close at hand, enabling faster work.
  • The powerful conversion capabilities make it simple to swap between formats on demand.
  • The value offered by Power PDF’s licensing fees.
  • Robust PDF creation and editing tools make it simple to build out new documents or improve existing files.

With more than two-thirds of all Power PDF reviews on G2 earning a 5-star rating, now is the best time to see firsthand why so many love its features and functionality.

Adding Power PDF to Your Software Toolkit is Easy

With growing recognition from users and the software industry alike, Power PDF represents a highly cost-effective way to equip yourself or your teams with the editing capabilities they need. In an increasingly paperless world and with the ubiquity of the PDF as a format, a safe, secure and reliable PDF editor is a must-have. It is available for a one-time perpetual license fee, adding it to your set of digital tools doesn’t require breaking your budget. Explore a free trial version of Power PDF for 15 days and discover firsthand why it was named one of 2022’s best office products.

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