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No More Word to PDF Headaches: Find the Right Solution Today

The finish line is finally in sight. After spending weeks of work getting the language of your new document just right and including charts, tables, and images, this important report is almost done. Now you just need to make it easy to share and ensure everyone will have the same experience when they read it. There's only one problem: you aren't sure how to convert quickly from Word to a PDF file.

This scenario isn't uncommon, and it is just one example of the headaches that business users can encounter regularly. PDF problems can be a significant bottleneck even for workflows that were otherwise on or ahead of schedule. So how do you solve the problem once and for all? A quick one-off solution won't help you again next time.

The answer is to opt for PDF editor software built with your needs in mind. With Kofax Power PDF, you can avoid headaches surrounding document conversion and enjoy a faster, more accurate result. Consider why a dedicated solution is your best bet—and see how simple it is to transform a Word file into a PDF today.

Why Choose Dedicated Software to Convert Word to PDF?

Couldn't you simply head to Google and start searching for a free conversion tool you could use? You could, but the results you received back might not be what you expect in terms of the quality or accuracy of the original document. More importantly, there is no real way to know what goes on behind the scenes when you upload your original document to a third-party website. Should you really entrust potentially sensitive data to an unknown online server? Perhaps not—and that's why dedicated tools such as Power PDF offer the best solution.

Conversions Are Fast and Simple with Power PDF

Once you've installed Power PDF on your Mac or Windows machine, you can access a "virtual printer" that can automatically convert documents to PDF without launching additional software. This functionality streamlines the process so you can save your Word document as a PDF directly from within the program itself. Here's how.

  1. In Microsoft Word, open the document you wish to convert to a PDF.
  2. Open the print dialogue box from the File menu.
  3. Designate "Power PDF" as the printer you will use.
  4. Add a file name, then press Save.

It's that simple. You will have a brand-new PDF copy ready to open and begin editing, commenting, and markup work in seconds. Instead of wasting time tracking down dubious online options, you can complete this task efficiently without even switching software.

Tap Into More Features You Need Today

With an accessible tool to transform files in Word to PDF files that accurately reflect the original document's contents and layout, you can make fast work of a previously time-consuming task. More importantly, Power PDF equips you with a far-reaching capability to convert to and from many document and image formats. Now factor in industry-leading OCR, support for robust security, and more - all for a one-time licensing fee.

See for yourself how your small business can start to Work Like Tomorrow with Power PDF. Download your free 15-day trial today.

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