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New in Power PDF 5: More Advanced Automation

Every day, repetitive tasks consume valuable hours of labor in the office. Imagine how much time your business has paid employees to spend on menial tasks related to paperwork. Sure, these tasks are important, and critical work depends on them—but are you getting the value you should from those workflows? In almost every case, the answer is "no." You're overpaying a skilled knowledge worker to handle tasks that waste time and keep them from engaging with the real work that propels the business forward.

That frustration is why automation is the name of the game today. With the vast majority of companies already innovating with automation or looking to embrace an intelligent strategy for the future, now is the time to seize opportunities to reclaim time and money in your business. Even something as simple as your PDF editing software can make a difference. How?

With advanced and improved automation in Power PDF 5, businesses can dramatically reduce time spent on tedious document tasks and rededicate that labor to more important work. What exciting features and tools will you find in Power PDF 5 on both the PC and Mac?

The Watched Folder Remains a Powerful Tool

Document conversions can be time-consuming when converting many documents into a PDF format. With Power PDF, you can configure a "watched folder" that automatically processes files that land there. The program then outputs the folder to your specified destination. It doesn’t merely convert to PDF either—the watched folder supports conversions between all supported formats.

With Power PDF 5, users can now also configure watched folders to do even more than batch conversions. New sequences offer powerful capabilities that make daily tasks even less complicated.

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Set Up New Batch Sequences for Faster Work

With a highly customizable sequencing tool, users can set up the watched folder to automatically run one or multiple processes to manipulate the PDFs that land there. These new sequences include:

  • Integrating pre-defined headers and footers to complete document assembly.
  • Delete or extract pages automatically when they match specific search terms.
  • Automatically identify and remove all blank pages from a document.
  • Use the built-in FormTyper to instantly add the correct form fields to a scanned document for instant interactive capability.

Power PDF makes it simple to recapture valuable time spent on essential but low-level tasks with these tools and a complete suite of editing options.

Streamline Workflows in Your Office Today

With advanced automation meeting and exceeding the capabilities offered by other major solutions such as Adobe, businesses can take a confident step forward into the future. Leave behind the old way of doing things and embrace the first stages of the latest industrial revolution—the age of automation.

Available as a perpetual license and with term licensing options, picking the Power PDF plan that makes the most sense for your business is easy. Start exploring and evaluating how you could overhaul your office workflows today with a free 15-day trial of Power PDF. Try it today.

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