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New in Power PDF 5: Industry-Leading OCR Gets Even Better

Almost since personal computers entered the business world in force, people have searched for easier, faster, and simpler ways to transfer hard copies into digital formats. Although the process of "optical character recognition" had been around in rudimentary forms for decades, it wasn't until the 1970s that OCR technology began to come into its own. Today, OCR is vital to many daily business operations as scan volumes have only increased.

OCR has had a checkered reputation in the past, with some solutions producing barely coherent digital versions. Even as the software improved, users often needed to spend long hours correcting errors introduced into the text by the OCR process. Today, such issues can still persist, slowing down your business and consuming valuable time that could be better spent on other, higher-value tasks.

In Kofax Power PDF, formerly Nuance, solidly reliable optical character recognition has been a focus from day one. Now, with the release of the last edition of this robust PDF editor, Power PDF 5, businesses can instantly tap into the world's best OCR solution by accuracy and speed. Find out more about what access to this incredible capability can mean for your business.

The Latest and Greatest in Accurate OCR

Powered with the latest edition of Kofax OCR, version 22, this solution achieves even better accuracy than before—even on documents with poor scan quality. Enhanced accuracy and a simple, built-in tool for proofreading and corrections ensure that every document you scan or convert reads just as it did before the change.

Good OCR isn't only about accurately capturing the text itself—the layout of the document matters, too. Especially when you convert a PDF to a Microsoft Word document, there can be problems with the conversion not retaining the proper format. Power PDF's upgraded OCR tools are exceptional at format conservation, keeping your staff from spending tedious hours reconstructing the document back into a readable format.

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Saving Time, Boosting Productivity

Why invest in good OCR? The time savings is hard to overstate. Not only do staff need to spend far less time proofreading converted documents, but the paper-to-digital transition is even easier. With Power PDF's "Watched Folder" feature, scanned documents that drop into the folder can automatically undergo conversion and OCR, leaving an output file in another destination for your teams to use. These features make work faster and even more enjoyable. With less time wasted on tedious error correction or hand-typing documents, your teams can refocus their efforts where they're needed most.

Discover the Advantages of Power PDF Today

There are opportunities to streamline office workflows at almost every stage. Equipping your business with the best OCR available ensures that key processes are as speedy and as accurate as possible from the beginning. Good OCR is only the beginning of what Power PDF can do for business users, too.

Try it out and see for yourself. Explore the new advanced OCR and more in Power PDF 5 when you start your free 15-day trial today.

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