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Intelligent Automation

Need to View or Edit a PDF? Kofax Power PDF Makes it Easier Than Ever

PDFs—they’re absolutely essential for modern business. When functioning properly, they’re a largely invisible part of the workday. It’s when things don’t work so smoothly that people start to pay attention.

Most users need more functionality than simply reading a document—such as converting a PDF, obtaining a digital signature, or controlling access to the document. These more complicated tasks are where simplicity and ease of use are particularly essential. This is where Kofax Power PDF comes in.

Seamless Incorporation into Your System

Kofax Power PDF functions integrate into the software you already use. You can open Microsoft Word or Excel, and convert any document into a PDF. Set Power PDF as your default PDF reader, and it will open automatically whenever you need to read or edit a PDF. You’ll also find convenient shortcuts to Power PDF’s functions in the Start menu.

Simplicity in Core Functions for Ease of Use

Opening PDFs is just as easy as you’re used to, but more secure than with alternative programs. Power PDF truly shines when it comes to the simplicity of converting JPGs and Word, Excel or PowerPoint files into PDFs and back. The integrated design means you can alter and edit documents, save them in the cloud, and send documents for authorized signatures with just a few clicks.

Power PDF offers many intuitive functions so you can easily incorporate them into your standard workflow. We have assembled several “How To” guides to help you navigate through some of the more commonly used functions.

Making the Transition to Power PDF

Our focus on ease-of-use extends beyond the programming side. We provide options that are suited to your needs depending on how YOU do business. For students, home office users and small business owners, we recommend Power PDF Standard to streamline the way you use and edit PDFs.

Try out most of the features during our 15-day trial period to see for yourself how it helps you work better and faster with PDFs. You’ll find that the switch is straightforward and easy. Ready to try be more productive and get more value from your PDFs? Start your 15-day trial.