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Navigating the World of Kofax Labs

Solving the challenges of business today demands modern solutions. The intersection of human creativity with technical sophistication has led to an environment where automation can deliver exceptional levels of value to organizations of many sizes. Kofax products offer a direct way to begin engaging with these opportunities, but maximizing your value can come with challenges. Helping your team solve problems and achieve key efficiency gains today is the team at Kofax Labs.

What is Kofax Labs All About?

Independent from Kofax Inc., Kofax Labs is a professional group of developers with a deep level of experience and understanding with our apps. Spanning multiple specialties and departments, these developers aim to create solutions that address the common needs of our customers. The result is a set of highly robust options for extending the reach and power of your investment in Kofax apps. Best of all, every Kofax Labs solution is free through the Marketplace. You won't need to pay anything extra to access these options.

So how can you find what you need? Searching for Kofax Labs solutions is easy with the Marketplace's user interface, designed for intuitive exploration of every offering. A helpful search feature lets you look directly for specific solutions, or you can navigate by a particular Kofax app or category type. What can you find here?

Exploring Connectors

Connectors created by Kofax Labs use various techniques, such as robotic process automation, to connect two systems in a workflow. When a workflow step requires moving or retrieving data from a source other than where you're currently working, Kofax Labs connectors facilitate the automation of that effort. Explore the Connectors category for more of these opportunities.

Using Pre-Built Bots

There isn't always a need to build robots for certain basic functions from scratch every time. One such example is the Kofax Labs robot for extracting financial information for a check and then initiating a bank deposit. In the robots section, you'll find pre-built solutions developed by the Labs to let you quickly automate common tasks. With these, you can capture real value as soon as possible.

Finding Frameworks and Templates

Sometimes your business needs a clear sense of direction to achieve a particular automation goal. The templates and frameworks available from Kofax Labs let you do just that, providing a scaffolding for extending the reach of your Kofax apps.

Learning From Sample Scripts

Sample scripts, similar to frameworks, offer valuable insights about creating the solutions your business specifically needs. Pre-made solutions and apps from the Labs also contribute by providing a guideline for our developers to follow. Learning by seeing and then doing can equip your business with powerful processes custom-tailored to your needs.

Following Best Practice Guides

Not sure what the best way to do something is with a particular Kofax app? For example, you may want to start creating chatbots that will assist in automating certain tasks, such as basic customer service inquiries. Kofax Labs has created many educational resources that provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions in these areas. Choose this category when you want to learn and prepare to maximize the value of your investment.

Easily Find What You Need From Kofax Labs

No matter the type of solution you'd like to explore, finding what you need is simple in the marketplace. We've helpfully sorted Kofax Labs products into intuitive, easy-to-explore categories with helpful tagging to simplify searching. Whether you want to learn about automation best practices or need a specific RPA bot to deploy today, you can find many free options here. Start your journey today.

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