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Microsoft Universal Print + Kofax ControlSuite: IT Simplification and So Much More

We’re very excited about Microsoft’s new cloud-based print solution—and our Kofax ControlSuite, Kofax Equitrac and Kofax SafeCom customers should be, too. Microsoft Universal Print transforms printing infrastructure into a simple, easy experience for IT teams and employees. Universal Print eliminates the need for on-premises print servers and installing printer drivers on devices. The result is incredible time savings for IT.

Combining Microsoft Universal Print with Kofax ControlSuite offers even more value. ControlSuite actively manages, secures and governs virtually every aspect of document information distribution via printing, scanning, routing and storing throughout the enterprise—across any combination of hybrid systems, technologies and devices, including MFPs, PC desktops, mobile, email and web capture.

Organizations that leverage both Universal Print and ControlSuite will find added value in three critical areas:

Cost Avoidance and Reporting: Organizations must monitor costs and resource use across the board. ControlSuite offers the ability to provide print job rules or offer information to make workers smarter about their printing choices. It’s also easy to tie print or scan jobs to budgets or cost centers. And while Universal Print makes it easy to report on who printed what, when and where, ControlSuite offers a full enterprise audit trail for all device activity—printers and scanners.

Security and Compliance: To ensure documents and data are safe and compliant, Kofax offers content-aware print and capture functionality through ControlSuite. Unlike traditional print management, content-aware print and capture answers what is being printed beyond why, when and who. It identifies inappropriate printing of information and enables automatic redaction of keywords or patterns. ControlSuite also offers a personal print queue that follows workers anywhere in the world and secure mobile authentication to ensure only the authorized users collect their printed documents.

Business Process and Workflow: Much like monitoring costs and resources, organizations must find automation wherever possible to increase efficiency, reduce manual work and focus on what matters most – serving their customers. This requires an understanding of what is being printed and scanned across an organization, the ability to track costs closely and infuse business process workflow. ControlSuite is so much more than print management—any workflow a worker has from a desktop or multi-channel device can be done through ControlSuite. Combining Universal Print with ControlSuite also enables document conversion, integration with line-of-business applications such as ERP and CRM, and mainframe and application printing capabilities.

Saving time and effort for overworked IT departments is huge. But today’s business requires more than simplified IT maintenance. This is why combining Universal Print with Kofax ControlSuite to unlock even more value is so exciting.

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