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Simplifying Complex Processes With Kofax TotalAgility & Marketplace Apps

Complexity defines the healthcare sector. Providing proper care for the health of individuals is an effort that requires vast workloads across many roles. It’s not only about the doctor in the exam room with the patient. It’s about compliant medical record-keeping, accurate coding and billing, proper insurance claims filing, and more. Many of these efforts remain frustratingly manual today—but it doesn’t have to be so. With Kofax TotalAgility, simplification, and speed are within reach right now.

A highly integrated platform for creating and deploying intelligent automation across expansive enterprises, TotalAgility is well-suited for the healthcare industry. By combining robotic process automation, cognitive capture, and intelligent document handling powered by AI, the modern healthcare organization can dramatically simplify even complex “big picture” business processes.

Getting started is even easier. With the online Kofax Marketplace, you can discover an array of apps ready to configure that suit your organizational needs. Rather than starting from scratch at the first line of code, you can boost productivity and drive towards better business outcomes without delay.

What the Kofax Marketplace Has to Offer

In the Marketplace, users can find many solutions across multiple categories to support extending the reach of TotalAgility. These include ready-to-configure apps, automation frameworks, and more. With these applications, you can achieve quick wins in automation while setting the stage for greater process transformations.

Let’s consider a few examples of what you can find on the Marketplace to support your organization.

CLAIMSAutomate Boosts Accuracy for Insurers

Processing claims is a substantial time- and resource-sink for insurers. Traditional workflows involve a high degree of manual intervention with potentially dozens of touchpoints. More manual steps equal more errors and potential for leaking sensitive, controlled data. That’s where the ImageTech claimsAUTOMATE solution comes into play. Ready for deployment, this solution automates data extraction, enhances claims status visibility, and directly integrates into your existing insurance systems.

transcendPS Supports Better Procurement Processes

Procurement is vital everywhere, from doctor’s offices to hospitals, clinics, and even medical device manufacturing. These processes are often similar to many other accounts payable and receivable workflows on the backend—but they’re no less complex. A solution such as             transcendPS, which automates packing slip and receipt processing, can eliminate many manual steps. For instance, reconciliation and three-way matching become easier, opening the door to additional, advanced AP automation.

Maintain Compliance With RedactAI

HIPAA compliance is a significant concern in this sector, with non-compliance carrying the risk of hefty fines and extensive lawsuits. Ensuring that you scrub documents of personal health information and other sensitive data when necessary is essential—but it’s time-consuming. RedactAI is a powerful, trainable tool that learns what to redact and when to provide reliable, compliant outcomes. Imagine simplifying redaction on a massive trove of health records instead of dedicating hundreds of person-hours to the job.

These examples are only a few quick glimpses at what you can find throughout the Marketplace. With solutions, support, and even consulting services, you can move rapidly towards a profitable deployment of TotalAgility and real process improvements.

Discover a Better Way to Do Business in Healthcare Today

Making improvements in healthcare processes leads to many potential benefits. It creates an opportunity to realize cost savings, reduce delays, and eliminate some frustrating human error for organizations. Ultimately, that can translate into more efficient and effective operations—and an improved patient care experience.

Adopting Kofax TotalAgility into your organization is easier with the solutions ready and waiting in the Marketplace. Immediately discover ways to streamline procurement, streamline insurance claims handling, and more. Start exploring how to secure, automate, and improve your processes for better performance and a boosted ROI without delay.

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