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Kofax SignDoc: PDF and Automation Integration to Power Modern Processes

When competition is fiercer than ever, and it takes hard work to stand out in the marketplace, businesses must take every opportunity to seize advantages. Sometimes, it's about making the right deal at the right time or connecting with a valuable new partner for a joint effort. Other times, though, key improvements take place behind the scenes—such as overhauling workflows that require signatures from third parties.

Information and process bottlenecks cost your business time and money and can keep you slow in areas where you should be agile. With the latest edition of Kofax SignDoc, companies can quickly tap into a solution that works elegantly at every scale—and, more importantly, integrates into a broader product ecosystem for enhanced productivity. You can unlock powerful process improvements through SignDoc integration with Power PDF and the broader Kofax Intelligent Automation (IA) platform.

Consider the onboarding process for an excellent example.

Automating the Employee Onboarding Process

When hiring a new employee, there is often much paperwork to process and many documents that need the individual's signature. Automating this process can save time for both parties while paving the way to putting that person to work sooner. Consider how easy it could be to begin the onboarding process with SignDoc.

  • You decide to make a final offer to an individual for their acceptance. Using Power PDF, you prepare the offer letter for submission and use the built-in SignDoc integration to send the document to the prospective employee for their signature.
  • The individual receives the document and enjoys a simple process of applying a secure digital signature to the document. SignDoc automatically transmits the completed document back to your business.
  • Using SignDoc integration with IA, such as Kofax TotalAgility, this event could trigger several aspects of an automated onboarding process. Key parties in HR receive notifications and can authorize the next steps.
  • The new employee automatically receives an onboarding package and additional SignDoc requests for contracts and other important legal documents.

In a traditional process, someone from HR might need to handle every step—from sending the document out for a signature to filing the paperwork into the appropriate system afterwards. A non-automated process might also mean a delay between offer acceptance and the commencement of actual onboarding. Eliminating these delays with an integrated signature solution keeps your business nimble.

Embrace the Next Generation of Signing Technology Today

The future of work won't involve a disconnected set of disparate systems that don't work seamlessly together. As the digital transformation of your business progresses, the need for effective integration only becomes clearer. With SignDoc's built-in connections for Power PDF alongside the entire Kofax TotalAgility platform, it is possible to build end-to-end workflows that include substantial elements of rapid automation.

From speeding up the onboarding process and acquiring new talent more quickly to more securely logging approvals and authorizations across departments, SignDoc integration has incredible value to offer. Get started today by taking a closer look at how this advanced and connected solution can give your business a sharper competitive edge.