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Kofax Power PDF Tips and Tricks

Maximizing the Potential of Kofax Power PDF: Tips and Tricks

Power PDF is more than just a basic document creation and editing tool. When properly configured and in the hands of a savvy user, it can be a potent resource for reshaping the way you work. Increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and facilitating better collaboration between coworkers are all possible outcomes of these efforts. Once you acquire Power PDF and prepare to deploy it at the enterprise level, how can you be sure you're maximizing its utility?

Understanding a few key tips and tricks can help speed you towards building successful, reliable processes using Power PDF. From the way you handle the initial setup to how you and your teams explore its deeper features, there are many ways to extend this software's impact. Here's how.

Using the Power PDF Customization Kit

Deploying Power PDF at an enterprise level means your system administrator can explore various options built into this process. Called the "Customization Kit," this tool allows for fully customizing the installation package for Power PDF before you deploy it in your business. When deploying Power PDF for Enterprises this way, sysadmins can use a range of options to ensure the best fit for your business. Don't miss out on this important step. With it, you can do things such as:

  • Modify the default settings to fine-tune them to your organizational needs.
  • Pre-configure application integrations into Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office, and web browsers.
  • Customize which features end users may access in their version of Power PDF.
  • Set up connections with printers and other devices to quickly bring capabilities online.

Customize Your Connectors

Integrating a PDF editor such as Power PDF into more of your workflows will also help you extend the software's value and functionality. Multiple available connectors can provide you with the seamless pipeline you need to move data between various systems in your organization. For example, Power PDF supports connections with both cloud-based storage systems and local document management systems (DMS). Connect your installation to Evernote or Microsoft OneDrive for consistent, reliable access to your documents.

The Kofax Marketplace also has solutions that can provide organizations with opportunities to enhance Power PDF's reach. For example, the connector SDK allows your developers to customize elements of the software's functionality. Build new actions directly into the software's ribbon interface for straightforward integration.

Learn All About Keyboard Shortcuts

Power PDF is full of ways to manipulate, edit, and merge PDF files. Sometimes, you may not want to go through several clicks to initiate an action, or you might want to keep a handy function close at hand. With dozens of different keyboard shortcuts and the tools to define your own shortcuts, you can quickly become proficient in operating Power PDF with minimal input.

Set Your Preferred Preferences

Don't forget to take a deep dive into the software settings, either. Here, you can customize everything from appearance to how the software handles forms, document searching, and even indexing the contents of a large file for faster searching. The preferences pane is important to explore as you integrate Power PDF into your workflows. Make sure you don't miss out on the functionality options found here.

Discover Everything Power PDF Can Do for You Today

From the very beginning, Power PDF offers robust options for customization. Taking advantage of these opportunities, using connectors, and mastering the software's shortcuts will position you and your teams to be as effective as possible. When working with documents becomes quick and easy, you eliminate common bottlenecks and avoid frustrations typical to back office work. Try Power PDF yourself with a free trial version to evaluate these tips and tricks firsthand—and see how you could embrace the future of work today.

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