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Kofax Power PDF Offers You a PDF to Word Converter for Free

Microsoft introduced its Office Suite several years ago, and with that, almost every business on the planet embraced it as the standard software for their daily operations. There's a good reason for that, as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint have enhanced the business world. Since it’s almost universal, it’s essential to have a program that can convert PDF files to Word. Kofax Power PDF is a PDF editor that enables users to use the PDF to Word converter for free as part of the package.

It’s a revolutionary feature like this that assists businesses in enhancing their productivity. You may have some administrators who are proficient in Word and understand the program’s intricacies. When you require adjustments to a document, they can use the converter to have the contents of the PDF in Word format, ready to be edited and molded to your requirements.

Power PDF and OCR

As part of the PDF to Word converter, Power PDF uses OCR, otherwise known as Optical Character Recognition, to assist with the conversion. Sometimes, the contents aren't editable if you’re scanning a document to a computer. OCR allows you to convert a scanned document into text files that you can physically edit. This feature allows you to select, copy, and paste text, which you can’t typically do with a PDF file.

Reasons You Need the PDF to Word Converter

We touched on the fact that editing texts is the primary reason you would need to convert a PDF to Word. With Power PDF’s free converter, you can open the new document in Word and edit it as you would any other file.

If you have a lengthy document in front of you, it can become difficult to find phrases or words you want to edit or remove. Thankfully after using the converter, the new Word file is entirely searchable, which means you can type the word or phrase in the search box, and the results will pop out, making it easier and faster to edit.

There may be instances when someone sends you a PDF file from software that’s incompatible with your computer. Using Power PDF, you can easily convert the PDF to Word and resave the new document in the format you prefer, so it’s compatible with your company.

How To Convert PDF to Word

We understand why businesses use PDF files - to keep documents secure and prevent fraudulent activity. However, documents such as training instructions or employee handbooks must remain current with information that requires you to update the content constantly. To complete this task, you need to convert your PDF to Word, make the necessary changes and save it back to PDF. Power PDF makes this process incredibly easy.

  1. Open Power PDF and the PDF file in question.
  2. Click on File at the top left of the page, next to the Home tab.
  3. Then, hit Save As, and a dialogue box will open for you to name the file.
  4. You’ll notice an option to change the file type.
  5. Click on this drop-down menu to find Word and click on Save to end the process.

Power PDF does the rest by converting the file, which will open in Word. You don’t have to pay an additional fee to take advantage of this feature, as it is available as standard with your Power PDF purchase.

Don’t hesitate to try out this software. Capitalize on a 15-day trial to see what Power PDF can do for your business. After you try it, you’ll realize that this is the software you need to enhance your operation.

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