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Kofax Power PDF Offers Easy Redaction Security Tools

Depending on the type of operation you’re running, the documents that move up and down your workflow chain likely contain sensitive or confidential information. When you need to send a file to several recipients but withhold specific data, you’d require proper document security. With Kofax Power PDF, you can expect several tools to enhance the operation, including features to redact a PDF.

If you’re new to PDF software, you must understand that redaction is the opposite of highlighting. Sometimes, you can use the highlight function if you want to bring attention to pertinent information in a lengthy document. Conversely, with confidential data within the file that other people can’t be privy to, you require the redaction tool.

Redaction With Power PDF

Redacting text from a document will black out the information, rendering it unreadable to your intended recipients. For example, individual salaries or financials of a business should always remain private and exclusive to selected people only. Furthermore, privacy is an aspect that has come to the forefront in recent years, and when you have client information on hand, you cannot expose that data to anyone.

Power PDF is an official alternative to other PDF editors like Adobe. It offers powerful tools while editing PDFs, and redaction is one of them. Without the correct tools, it’s possible to create false redactions that don’t hide sensitive information entirely. Redacting with Power PDF allows you to complete the task quickly, securely and permanently.

People working with other PDF editors often assume that applying redactions is tedious. However, when using Power PDF, you can complete the work in mere minutes and just a few steps.

  • You must first open the relevant PDF file you wish to redact. You can convert Word or Excel documents to open in Power PDF.
  • You’ll notice a Security tab at the program’s top menu; click on it.
  • Find and push the Mark Redaction button.
  • Highlight the text that you wish to redact. First, you’ll see a red box around the selected text - note that the redaction isn’t complete, as this line lets you know what you’re redacting.
  • On the Security tab, you will find the Apply Redaction button, which you must click and then Save.

Bear in mind that redaction is permanent, and you won’t be able to view the contents after you’ve redacted the text. For this reason, creating a separate redacted copy is advisable to ensure the original remains authentic and untainted.

Redacting Several Phrases in a Document

There are times when a common information thread appears throughout the PDF. Instead of scrolling down the pages to look for the relevant phrase, Power PDF offers you a quick solution.

  • After clicking the Security tab, you can find the Search and Redact button.
  • Enter the phrase into the text box.
  • Power PDF calls up every instance where the phrase appears.
  • Select the portion that you wish to redact.
  • Click on the Mark Selected Results for Redaction button.
  • The program will black out the text in every instance, and you can save the document.

Power PDF Trial

If you’re searching for a more affordable alternative to Adobe, know that 10 million users worldwide have opted for Power PDF. The program has helped enhance process flows and made life more efficient for individuals.

However, you can test Power PDF for yourself on a 15-day trial. Experience what this PDF editor offers you and decide whether it should be with you for the long term.

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