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Kofax ControlSuite Transforms Print and Capture Workflows with Universal Print by Microsoft

After almost a year of working from home and spending more time online, employees and customers have higher expectations for their interactions with employers and businesses. Whether it’s applying for a mortgage or printing a confidential contract, they want the process to be seamless and secure.

That’s why an effortless customer and employee experience is a priority for CEOs and a key driver for digital transformation initiatives. Many enterprises are turning to the cloud, an approach that’s gaining momentum as a way to deliver on these expectations. One area that’s primed for innovation and can immediately improve experience is the print and capture workflow.

Organizations now have the opportunity to enable the cloud to serve their print management needs by working with Kofax and Microsoft. At its spring 2021 Ignite conference, Microsoft announced that its new Universal Print service is now generally available. Kofax ControlSuite is an inaugural member of the partner ecosystem. As a Print Industry Partner for Universal Print from Microsoft, Kofax ControlSuite offers an easy on-ramp to cloud-based print management for enterprises. This modern print infrastructure will help you transform print and capture workflows across your organization, enabling you to increase agility and efficiency and secure sensitive information.

Improve operational capacity, efficiency and security

Although digital transformation and workflow automation adoption is rising across the board, variables such as latency and bandwidth remain influencing factors in an organization’s journey to cloud-native print adoption. However, when such initiatives are backed with enterprise-grade infrastructure and security, they reduce the cost of ownership, create secure experiences for employees, and improve business operational capacity and efficiency.

Here are some of the ways organizations benefit by deploying Universal Print with ControlSuite.

Improve customer and employee experiences. ControlSuite delivers document workflow automation with seamless connections to an extensive set of business applications and a wide range of printers and multi-function devices (MFDs). Users can print easily from any application to any printer.

Increase efficiency. ControlSuite’s advanced content-aware print and capture capabilities allow customers to automatically initiate workflows, thus driving productivity and reducing costs.

Keep data secure. Content-aware capabilities also ensure document security and compliance by automatically applying business rules and data protection policies like redaction, watermarking and rule-based printing. These tools allow end-users to maintain security and compliance while leveraging the convenience of the Microsoft printing service.

Gain more administrative control. With greater visibility into print management activities and devices, and with simplified driver rollout and deployment, IT administrators not only gain greater control but also benefit from a lower total cost of ownership.

How it works

Universal Print from Microsoft with Kofax ControlSuite will allow users to print and release documents to any device within the print environment, seamlessly, easily and securely. Setting up the configuration is accomplished by following the steps below to map the connection.

It’s really that simple. But to see it in action, check out this video for more details on each of the three steps, as well as a glimpse of the end user experience.

Simplify Print

The future of work requires flexibility, scalability and security. As enterprises digitally transform their business operations, the ability to manage print and release more efficiently and securely is central to document workflow automation.

As a Print Industry Partner for Universal Print, Kofax is innovating in lockstep with Microsoft, making it easy for our customers to use these technologies in tandem.

Learn more about how ControlSuite with Universal Print from Microsoft can help you enhance efficiency, improve productivity and deliver a better customer and employee experience. So you can Work Like Tomorrow—today.

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